Name: Walter & Perry
Voices: H. Jon Benjamin (Walter, right) & Brendon Small (Perry, left)

Many have attempted to accurately describe Walter & Perry. To this day, no one has suceeded. They lie somewhere between friendly and gay, funny and creepy, likable and obnoxious. All that can be said is that Walter & Perry are very good friends with a touch for the eccentric. Many spend their life looking for that special someone; they've managed to find each other at age 8!

Major Episodes:
The Art of the Sucker Punch - First appearance
The Party - First episode long appearance, sets up their characters for the rest of the show
The Wedding - Perry proposes to Walter
Sensitivity - An improv game results in seperation
Storm Warning - Walter & Perry struggle to get a petition to save a big Elm Tree
Those Bitches Tried To Cheat Me - With Junior Addleberg, W&P blackmail Brendon
Cho & The Adventures of Amy Lee - W&P's dark side is shown as they save Brendon's life and proceed to exploit the situation
Focus Grill - Part of the Focus Group with Fenton and Junior

Appear In:
The Art of the Sucker Punch
Identifying a Body
The Party
Class Trip
Writer's Block
Pizza Club
The Wedding
Shore Leave
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Storm Warning
Broken Dreams
Coffins and Cradles
Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion
Honkey Magoo
Those Bitches Tried To Cheat Me
Cho & The Adventures of Amy Lee
Bye Bye Greasy
Temporary Blindness
Focus Grill