You all come from families?
Episode 310: Time To Pay The Price
AKA A Life In The Day

Brendon Small – Brendon Small
Jason Penopolis/Coach Jon McGuirk – H. Jon Benjamin
Melissa Robbins – Melissa Bardin Galsky
Paula Small – Janine Ditullo
Josie Small – Loren Bouchard
Mr. Pendlehurst – Sam Seder

Well, we had a dollar, but then we bought the binder...

Synopsis: Brendon, Jason and Melissa get in trouble with the school disciplinarian, Mr. Pendlehurst. Paula finds a trend in Brendon's movies.

Lawn Gnomes: (Click for picture)
· One of Melissa’s robot’s hands in “Box-Bots” is a stick with a lawn gnome.
· A lawn gnome plays a lawyer in The Verdict rip-off, and then plays the defendant.

Nobody breaks up with Ghost Lady!

Brendon’s Filmography:
· *“Bazooka Mama” – In a post-apocalyptic world, two men make a mistake when they double cross the Bazooka Mama.
· “The Hand That Wasn’t There” – Starring Jason as the hand.
· “Jesus-Zilla” – Son of Godzilla.
· “The Magic Balls”
· “Box-Bots” – A group of robots attempt to sneak into a facility, but are caught in the process.
· “Maple Syrup Part I” – A lumberjack wants to cut down a tree, but the tree and a skunk have some words of wisdom for her.
· *“The Decision” – Rip-off of “The Verdict”.
· “The Gefongene” – German. A traveling circus is shut down.
· “Starboy: The Phantom Girlfriend Menace” – The relationship between Starboy and the Captain of Outer Space is threatened when Starboy’s new girlfriend is discovered to be a ghost.
· *”Shopping” – A man and his wife go shopping for their 4 children.
· *”Y-Men” – Evil will pay the price.
· “The Price Is Nice” – Win a new washer/dryer!
· *“Brendon In Wonderland” – A magical journey following Brendon’s adventures in Wonderland.
· *”The Sock War” – Partly in Spanish. Spanish sock puppets take on Confederate sock puppets.
· *“How the West Paid The Price” – Western ending a showdown of three cowboys of the West.
· *”The Jungle Man” – Similar to Tarzan.
· *”Time To Pay The Price – The Music Video” – Featuring a Public Enemy impersonation, a Run DMC impersonation, a Salt N’ Peppa impersonation and a Beastie Boys impersonation.
· “Brendon’s 39th Prison Film” – Prisoners reflect on where they are and why they are there.

The Movie-Episode Connection:
· “It’s Time To Pay The Price” is said in every movie shown.
· "Brendon's 39th Prison Film" is a nice reflection both of what they thought of the prison and of their newfound lack of ability to end a movie. (Thanks to Moltrez for reminding me about this obvious connection)

The Plotline Connection: (TheJazzFighter)
· In this episode, Paula notices"Its time to pay the price" in every movie, and Brendon has to "pay the price" at "Scared Straight".

I'm gonna cut you down, tree.

· Time To Pay The Price
The T to the P to the P
P to the A to the Y
It’s time, to pay, the price, today
Uh uh, uh uh, uh uh

· Prison March
Joshua’s at the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho
Joshua’s at the battle of Jericho
And the walls a come a tumbling down

The credits say “Lumberjack Cuts Tree Theme”. I didn’t hear it at first, but if you listen to “Maple Syrup Part I” loudly you can hear it in the background.


Random Observations & Facts:
· This episode has the shortest "first act" (before commercial break) of any episode.
· Time To Pay The Price is said 16 times in this episode (twice in a different language), 19 if you count the three times Paula says it when talking to Brendon about his movies.
· Brendon wears a tire rim as part of his costume in “Bazooka Mama” .
· Bazooka Mama’s bazooka seems to be made of two cardboard cylinders.
· In Jesus-Zilla, Jason wears a thorn crown and a halo.
· The “Box-Bots” boxes: Jason drew his face on robot, along with the word “robot” and has cardboard cylinder arms, Melissa is a stereo box with a bra and a keyboard with one rake hand and another lawn gnome hand, Brendon is a “props” box with Christmas lights, some light bulbs and a few video tapes taped on and oven mitt hands.
· When the tree is killed in “Maple Syrup Part I”, maple syrup comes out of him. You can see the bottle of maple syrup on the side.
· In the Verdict rip-off, Jason (playing the judge) wears the same clothes he always wears except black instead of orange.
· On Pendlehurst’s boards are the definition of “detention” (which has been partly erased) and the definition of “discipline” (punish, correct, train). The word “Why?” connects detention and discipline.
· Brendon mumbles, “That thing isn’t loaded, is it?” (Pendlehurst couldn’t hear him when he said that)
· Brendon holds 7 books in each hand.
· McGuirk’s clipboard has a picture of him as a muscle man with the word “Me” next to it and says “Move Melissa to halfback” on the bottom. It also has two smiley faces, one smiling one sad.
· Jason is about 4 feet high (including his hair), Brendon is just less than 4 feet, and Melissa is about the same height as Brendon.
· Prison Numbers: Jason – 05150, Brendon – 0709215012, Melissa – 09266000387. They go to cell block C-B4.
· Some of the titles that can be seen in the pile of movies: “Escape Pod Blues”, “The Fruit That Rots”, “The Foreman Years”, “When Trees Ruled”
· In “The Gefongene”, Melissa’s tank says “tanken”, Brendon sausage machine says “Das machine”, Melissa’s tank says “Das Boot” on the side and a wall says “Das ende vom lied”. “Das ende vom lied” literally translates to “You Give Consequence”.
· One of the prisoners has a tattoo that says “Taxes & Death”
· In the X-Men parody, Melissa’s (Storm) hair seems to be part of the background, and Jason’s (Wolverine) claws are pencils. In comic book style, there are two boxes: “Meanwhile…” and “…Evil Paid The Price.”
· Melissa smiles stupidly in “The Price Is Nice”, just like the Price is Right models do.
· In the ending music video, Salt N’ Peppa is parodied with Jason & Melissa being “Sugah N’ Spice”.
· Melissa & Jason both use toilet paper in the “Sugah N’ Spice” skit to increase their “size”.
· Brendon, Melissa and Jason have colored paper for chains in “Brendon’s 39th Prison Film”.
· Brendon has a bunch of watches in his shirt when Jason asks for the real time.

Past Episode References:
· Pendlehurst goes to “Galaxy Coffee” from Episode 209 – Class Trip. Although technically that's farther away than should be in any kind of running distance. But whatever.
· Starboy appears once again in this episode, making it his third appearance (206 – Impressions and 210 – History)
· The gnome in "The Verdict Ripoff" wears a modified version of accessories from Jason's priest outfit from Episode 202 - Identifying A Body. (Thanks to JazzFighter for this one)

We didn't know, Mr. Pendlehurst. Honest!

Movie & Other References:
· Plenty of movie parodies in this one. Specifically:
Bazooka Mama – Mad Max
The Hand That Wasn’t There – The Man That Wasn’t There
Jesus-Zilla – Godzilla
The Verdict Ripoff – The Verdict
One of the films in the ending set is a X-Men parody
Another one is a Price is Right parody
The Price is Nice is a Price is Right parody
There is an Alice in Wonderland parody
There is a Tarzan parody
· In the ending X-Men parody, Jason is Wolverine, Brendon is Cyclops, Melissa is Storm, McGuirk is Colossus and Josie is Magneto.
· In the Alice in Wonderland parody, Brendon is Alice, Melissa is the Queen of Hearts, and Jason is the Blue Caterpillar. (thanks to Morgan C. for a correction)
· The music video towards the end parodies Run DMC, Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys and Salt N’ Peppa.

Meanwhile...Evil Paid The Price

End Credits: “Season Three Theme” > Jason sings “The Prison March”

Hey, look, Pendlehurst is back!

Reviews: WARNING: Spoilers

Rad Recker: This was hillarious. That one teacher was a real butthead and it was so funny because it reminds me so much of teachers at my school. Jesus-zilla? Okay that's kinda funny but those CN censors are gonna have alot of explaining to do regarding Rejected. (DrWeird note: For those who don't know, Rejected was taken off of AS's schedule due to the words "Sweet Jesus"
Anyway... Grade: A

Mynd Hed: This one was decent, but I've seen much, much better out of Home Movies. The highlights were McGuirk's rant (which made me dread the episode when I saw it in the previews, but in the context of the episode it was quite funny) and Paula's revisiting of Brendon's old movies, which nicely avoided the same old "flashback episode" hole by showing new scenes from the old movies. I especially enjoyed the new sequence from "Starboy and the Captain of Outer Space." The rest of the episode was kinda bland, the laughs were few and far between.
Overall: C+

The Condiment King: Some say this stretches the "suspension of disbelief" since we've never heard this phrase uttered before in the series and we've seen movies' endings, however I still thought it was a genius concept. I loved seeing all the various movies that Brendon, Melissa, and Jason have made throughout the years that we hadn't seen. The best idea was "Jesuszilla, Son of Godzilla", which is just a genius concept. I also love the movie where they "ripped off the Verdict" with Melissa's character pointing to her lawyer and the baliff. Great lines.

Mr. Pindlehurst was great as the teacher that caught Brendon, Melissa, and Jason and forced them to be in detention. I liked the "Breakfast Club" reference with Brendon, Melissa, and Jason running through the halls away from Mr. Pindlehurst. I love that the big reason they snuck out of class was to get some sugar to put in his car.

I love the scene where McGuirk is discussing the prison with Brendon, trying to get him ready for when he'll go to the prison. All the advice he gives Brendon is just terrible like making a shiv or making a knife out of contacts. I love when he blows up at Brendon and starts yelling at him, "I DON'T THINK SO. I DON'T THINK SO. ALRIGHT? ALRIGHT?"

I like the plot with Paula going through all of Brendon's old movies because she's bored and eating popcorn while watching them. Its interesting that we see the third appearance of Starboy and the Captain of Outer Space here with the Phantom Menace with Melissa as a ghost lady. Of course, then, there's the final montage with all the movies ending with "time to pay the price" which is great.

The cop scene was brillant. There's nothing more to say about it. All the inmates in the minimum security prison with cable television and a pool trying to scare Brendon, Melissa, and Jason straight was hilarious. Everyone just assumed that they were on drugs or something. My favorite line was "CHECK REFERENCES! ALWAYS CHECK REFERENCES!" Also, there's a great sequence with the guy that worked in a bank, then he robbed it, then he came to prison. Fantastic episode. *****

Shnay: This episode didn't really have any of the tings that the best Home Movies episodes have, and yet, I still really enjoyed it. There wasn't a real interesting plot, there wasn't any interesting charater interaction, and stories weren't really weaved together at all. But, what it did have, was a whole lot of solid comedy, and that's good enough for me. The laughs in this episode made me quickly forget about the anything the show was lacking.

As people have mentioned here, the scenes in or involving the white collar prison were great. The scared straight in bit was good (though it did get a bit old by the end), as was McGuirk's advice on being the craziest one there. McGuirk's realization that those in the white collar prison have it better than he does, and his wonderfully cliched and shallow "life is the prison" metaphor were also great.

However, I think the funniest part in this episode, which I'm surprised nobody mentioned, was the $1 binder to organize the budget. That scene of dialogue between Jason and Melissa is classic Home Movies humor.

As for the "it's time to pay the price thing"...I just didn't like it. It kind of seemed like a stupid tie between all the old movies, and, as someone said, a hidden personal connection (like the feelings for his father seen in "Brendon's Choice") would have been much better. It wouldn't have to be something "serious" like it was in "Brendon's Choice", but using one line as the connection seems kinda lame. Although, I'll admit, them struggling to find a way not to say it at the end was funny.

This was just a funny, entertaining episode, plain and simple. It's lack of a solid story keep it from standing out as one of the best, but as far as laughs go, this one had plenty. (Including the brief Public Enemy parody...priceless!)

Behonkiss: The prison plot was funny enough, but the montage at the end was hilarious.

StrangerAtaru: This episode has a lot going for it with the plots going on, but once again there are some things that worked, and others that never really did it for me. For starters, we have the main plot where Brendon, Jason and Melissa get into trouble with teacher and former prison guard Mr. Pendelhurst, ending them up first in detention, then in a "scared straight" program. Pendelhurst is supposed to be one of those extremely annoying teachers who always has something to bring children down and try and teach them discipline, and in this he worked a tad too well, sadly. He really had no charm whatsoever, and was more of a nuiscence than a help to the episode, but in a way that worked considering that everyone else is the exact opposite to him. I didn't like how he just threw Brendon and the others in detention just for being on school grounds on the weekend (making a "Mad Max"-esque movie, but we will get to the movies of the episode later), and the whole bit where he catches them again when they chose to follow some other kids who wanted to put sugar in his van was a tad predictable as well. However, if it weren't for Pendelhurst, we wouldn't have one of the funniest sequences in the episode: the "scared straight" session at the prison. The prisoners lined up for the meeting were crazy and had no idea how to either be prisoners or how to present how they got caught in jail. (including the guy who thought they ran away from their families, the one who couldn't get his events correct leading to his arrest, and the one who was literally "scaring them straight"!) Just as funny was when Pendelhurst put them in their own cell, only to have them playing charades with each other. ("Jaws!") Of course, in the end we have the redemption of the whole plotline, where we find out about why Pendlehurst was thrown out of prison after being chewed out by the warden. (whom in the first time I viewed this, mistakened for McGurk)

Besides the whole Pendelhurst storyline, this episode was perhaps the first one in a long time that had an extensive plot about Brendon's movies themselves. It was a delight to see so many movies talked about in the same episode, considering how many he, Melissa and Jason have made by this point. However, the main reason behind showing so many movies in this episode was due to the "recurring theme" that every single movie ended least according to this episode. Yep, the one where all the movies end with the infamous words "It's time to pay the price". I sort of found that part of the plot rather strained considering that no movies we have seen on this show before have ever had this ending, but they decided just to have the theme partially to have the movies in the episode and partially because of the literal "paying the price" bit with Mr. Pendelhurst. However, even if the line did get annoying at times, we did see several hilarious movies in the episode regardless, including (for some of my favorites) the Mad Max parody at the start, the Bergman takeoff that made no sense, the "environmental" film and, of course, the return of Starboy! (personally, I say there should be at least one Starboy movie per season from now on, but none will ever eclipse the "History" one) The movies also somewhat encorperate Paula into the episode by having her discover the theme that Brendon failed to pick up on, especially with that infamous rapid-fire montage at the end combining many renditions of that line similar to the ending of "Bad Influences". But while this ending did seem to get annoying considering how many times this line is said in the episode, it did get a few chuckles out of me with all the types of movies that said it. (including one I sort of expected: one involving a supermarket checkout)

One last thing I need to say about this episode: I liked how they finally had one episode that toned back on McGurk, yet kept him a strong prescense in this one. Both of his mentoring scenes with Brendon in this episode were classic, including his "freak out" training and the "life is a prison" conversation towards the end, which is perhaps one of the most poignant speeches he has done in this series. Overall, this was another good part of a great episode, even if it did have, well, that line

The Landstander: I've always really, really enjoyed this episode. It doesn't have any huge revelations, but it takes a good premise and executes it very well, uses many elements of the show well, and is all around one of their funniest episodes.

I thought it was odd that Mr. Pendlehurst just showed up this one episode, as he seems to have a lot of potential as a character. As it stands, he inhibits this one episode quite nicely. The character effectively changes from scary in the opening playground scene to amusingly sad by the final revelation about his prison work, and Sam Seder makes it funny all the way. There's two great Brendon/McGuirk moments, one before the prison visit and one after. McGuirk's bizarre ideology on surviving in a prsion environment is a nice mix of his real life and exaggeration (I killed a man with contacts!), and his attempt at profoundness in his "life is a prison" speech finds the right note. Sometimes McGuirk is best left on the sidelines, and he's used well here. The material inside the prison is about as good, though the "Scared Straight" portion seemed a bit draggy, particularly the last guy. This is more than redeemed by cell charades and Brendon attempting not to laugh.

The other aspect is Brendon's find of all their old movies. There's something appropiate about Brendon ending every movie the same way and being completely unaware of it, and of the (many) various movie scenes throughout the episode, I can't recall any that didn't work. The ending montage (which was used poorly in "Bad Influences") is used effectively.

There's a lot to like in this episode, and should work for any Home Movies fan. Highly Recommended.

It's Time To Pay The Price