John Delaney Sketch

Every week, has a contest between 10 cartoon characters in the "Delaney Sketch of the Week Poll". Whoever gets the most votes gets a sketch done by professional comic book artist John Delaney (noted for Justice League Adventures comics and Futurama comics). Well, in Week #50, our boy Brendon Small was in the poll. Despite big competition (mostly from Vegeta of DBZ fame, and also The Riddler and Elisa Maza), Brendon was able to come out on top and win the sketch, and with 80 votes had the 6th most votes ever in a Delaney Poll, up there with the likes of Wolverine and Harley Quinn (with a small thanks to a small campaign run by yours truly, The Landstander). About a week later, Mr. Delaney comes out with this sketch:

Click here to see the Starboy Sketch by John Delaney

Toonzoner Delia97 also did a cool job of coloring Brendon in (Also thanks to her for putting up with my fanboyish bickering about the hair):

Click here to see Delia's colorization.

Excellent work, Mr. Delaney and Delia97! To see the drama of the poll, Go here and to see the fan's reaction to the poll, Go here.