9-1-03: For All Canadian HM Fans: Canadians rejoice! Canadian channel Teletoon has picked up Home Movies, and will be airing it starting September 1st (AKA Today) at 10:30 PM. The first episode shown will be "Get Away From My Mom", and will then be (probably) going in production order. I might put a schedule page later, but for now you can just use the Episode Guide to figure out when the shows will be showing.

9-17-03: A Quick Recap: There's been little or no news, hence I have been updating little or none as of late. But to recap some things you might like to know:

1. New Home Movies start November 9th
2. They Might Be Giants will be appearing in an upcoming episode
3. A soundtrack is reportedly "In production"
4. Episodes are still airing on Sundays at 12:30 AM

Thank you for your patronage.

9-28-03: SHIRTS!: After several months of carrying ATHF/Sealab/other Adult Swim merchandise, Hot Topic has finally gotten a Home Movies shirt. More info here. It's a nice shirt, I bought mine today. ^_^