Nurse Jennifer Kirkman
Episode 110: School Nurse

Brendon Small – Brendon Small
Jason Penopolis/Coach Jon McGuirk – H. Jon Benjamin
Melissa Robbins – Melissa Bardin Galsky
Paula Small – Janine Ditullo
Josie Small – Loren Bouchard
Jennifer Kirkman – Nurse Kirkman
Mr. Lynch – Ron Lynch

Come down, Sweetie

Synopsis: The new school nurse, Nurse Kirkman, is at the center of three stories. McGuirk tries to woo her with unsatisfactory results, Jason thinks he's in love, and Brendon is determined to fake sick, perhaps too determined.

· Brendon Small (the real one, not the character) once did an article for, which Jennifer Kirkman (who plays Nurse Kirkman) is the co-editor of. I’m not sure if the article came before or after the episode, but you can read Small’s article here. UPDATE: Apparently they were old friends in Brendon's stand up days.
· This episode introduces us to Nurse Kirkman, who has appeared in several episodes since this one.
· Black Hole Brew, the beer of HM, is introduced, as is McGuirk's general drinking problem and his home between Lonely Ave. and Brew Street.

I'm taping this so I can grow as a faker...

Lawn Gnomes:
· Bed Shot (Brendon when he really gets sick)

Brendon’s Filmography:
· *“Doctors” – Watch a thrilling operation by two doctors who may or may not know what they’re doing.

Give her a million ccs of adrenaline!

The Movie-Episode Connection:
· The episode is about a nurse and the movie is about doctors. What? You want more. I'm sorry.

The Plotline Connection: (TheJazzFighter)
· All plot lines in this episode revolve around Nurse Kirkman. Brendon wants to fake sick (and actually does get sick), Jason has a crush on her and McGuirk goes on an unsuccessful date with her.

Random Observations & Facts:
· In the gymnasium during the lice check, there are signs saying: “Please stay in line! Por favor quedasil en linea!” “Walk! Don’t run”
· Nurse Kirkman does in fact look like the real Jennifer Kirkman. Here is Jen Kirkman.
· In the nurse’s office a sign says “Lice Prevention Week” and has a lice crossed out.
· Jason wipes his sneeze on his pants.
· Jason (playing a doctor) reads “Surgery for Nimrods”.
· Brendon (playing a doctor) has wire cutters.
· The syringe in “Doctors” is probably a turkey baster. It is filled with milk.
· On the wall at the bar: “Joey + Helga 4ever” “Stop carving up my booths“ “Twinky (Heart) Brandy”
· McGuirk drinks: “Black Hole Brew” “David’s Hart Limonade” and another drink I can’t see the name off.
· Arabica
· Scurvy is a disease that comes from a lack of Vitamin C, which often happened on long sea voyages due to a lack of fruit. Melissa was right.
· Paula says she is going to call some of her old friends to discuss her life. 2 episodes later, in 112 – Law and Boarder, one of them shows up.
· At the end assembly, there are signs on the door: “Soccer Rally Today”, “All Must Attend”, “Faculty Members Are *Not* exempt!!!!!”
· Inside the soccer rally assembly, a sign on the ceiling says: “Girls Pee Wee Rugby Champs”


Past Episode References:
· The guy Paula made out with in 108 – Method of Acting is in the bar.

I came at a bad time...

End Credits: McGuirk’s begging to go out countdown (he got up to 20) > “Season One Theme”


Condiment King: Some interesting little tidbits: you can spot the guy from Paula's creative writing class in "Method of Acting" in the bar. Also, clearly carved on one of the booths in the bar is don't carve on them. I also find it neat the Coach McGuirk lives on the corner of Lonely Avenue. I think this is shown later with "Law and Boarders" also at a moment when he would be lonely.

Paula has some great lines in the scene where she talks to a sick Brendon. "The doctor said it was psychosematic or stress-related or...menopausal.." Telling Brendon its important to check up on people who used to be in your life and see how their lives are to see who won. Brendon's story is obviously a classic "boy who cried wolf" scenario, and unlike previous episodes, it hits home to Brendon early and without any help from any parental input. He "appreciates the irony".

McGuirk's plot with the nurse and Lynch of course carries the episode as its the main plot. This is really the first time that Coach McGuirk (and especially Lynch) is thrust into the spotlight of an episode, rather than being an ensemble. This date with the nurse was way more entertaining than McGuirk's date with Paula in "Get Away from My Mom". Jason jumping on McGuirk and biting his leg is one of the best visual gags of the series and it comes out of nowhere. You really cannot beat that last scene with McGuirk's pep talk for people to join soccer by saying "if you don't suck at soccer, come to my office" as well as the hilarious absurdity of actually counting down the minute for a faculty member to beg for a date with Coach McGuirk. Hilarious. ****

StrangerAtaru: Now while McGuirk seemed somewhat useless in the previous episode, here we see him go more all-out in this one. His interactions with the school nurse (who also reappears later) involve perhaps one of the first "drunken" sequences we see him in the whole series. When I first saw this episode, I didn't like the date scene as much, but now that I know McGuirk better I see this is one of his better moments. (and the intro to his "Black Hole Brew" obsession) Another great and fun character in this episode I thought was Lynch: although he was only in a few scenes, he almost stole the spotlight in every sequence he was in. Jason was OK.... but his obsession with the nurse did get a tad disturbing to me. I know it was supposed to be cute, but it just got on my nerves to see love at such a young age. (but then, I did like the last line about when Jason can date her) Finally, I like to note that unlike many people, I did like the whole "Brendon wants to get sick" subplot, but only up to a point. I've discovered that when Brendon over obsesses with doing something (like getting sick, or in previous episodes things like the fish-eye lens or "Louie Louie"), he can be at his funniest. Sure I liked the dramatic irony of what really happens when Brendon got a stress-related illness, but it just wasn't as funny as Brendon's overdramatic. One last note: I finally figured out that the doctor movie had this funny reference to the adrenaline scene in "Pulp Fiction", but luckily Melissa got up before it was administered.

The Landstander: An all around good episode. Kirkman was a good character, played great off McGuirk and it's unfortunate she wasn't used more throughout the series. McGuirk's first "drunk" scene is hysterical, and would be depressing if the delivery wasn't so good. His views on soccer, his mother, the school, and his Arabica coffee were all great. Jason's story was well done, and I think for all the simplistic animation the animators got some neat drawings in here (I always liked the posing when the group is sitting around and Jason is drawing his picture). The only story that feels a bit tacked on is Brendon's faking sick stuff, which wasn't so much bad as unnecessary.

Also, Lynch actually comes back for the first time in awhile. In a limited amount of screentime he has some great material as well. Recommended.

It's a picture of me and the nurse