8-17-06: Just a note to show that I'm still doing the update thing. Just pretty gradually. Procrastination is an art.

7-11-06: Remember that big update which you figured would never happen? Well, I'm actually doing it! I've been rewatching the show, updating episode guides, adding stuff from old emails that passed me by, and just overhauling the entire site one more time, so that I can consider it complete. Given all the stuff to do and my ability to procrastinate, probably may take a week or two; I'm trying to finish it once and for all at the latest before the end of July.

That being said, if some of the site seems odd or a bit disfunctional, it means I'm playing around with it.

That being said, if you look around the site and something seems off, that's because I'm in the process of playing around with it, to some extent. Finally, if you've EVER felt like sending something in for the site, do it now. This site somehow still gets a decent amount of traffic (which triples whenever it actually plays on Adult Swim), and I'm hoping that when I shut it down it will remain a great guide for this odd, underrated show.