9-25-05: Some info on Season 3 DVD Extras can be found....well, where that link just was. Where it says "Season 3 DVD Extras". Click it.

9-23-05: For some reason, the Canadian Amazon site is listing the release date as October 11th. I really don't know what that entails (earlier Canadian release doesn't make much sense), so whatever.

9-9-05: I'm glad to say HM Season 3 has been confirmed for release on November 15th. It is also up at Amazon, with a discounted pre-order price.

No details on the special features (yet), though if past sets are any indication, expect the usual commentaries, random good stuff and show insight. But they did have the cover art available. Thanks to Mike S for pointing this out to me.

7-30-05: Been awhile...finally some new stuff. The season 3 DVDs are being rumored to come out on November 15th. Though still a rumor as of now, this would make sense given the release dates of the previous two seasons. (thanks to Dan/Corrado for pointing this out)