6-17-05: Okay, I've heard that season 3 is pretty much a go. Though there's nothing official yet, November 2005 is the date accompanying the news (though don't take that as a definite at all yet).

6-10-05: To those asking, there's currently no official news on season 3 or season 4 coming out on DVD. When there is you'll find it here (any news currently circulating is just a rumor).

Also, this week I'll be finishing up some random updates and (hopefully) finally getting the character page fully done.

6-1-05: Remember to pick up the second season, released yesterday. And I'd like to thank the crew for the brief but noted mention on the animatic commentary for "History". Also, the other guy's name was Shnay.

5-30-05: Reminder: The complete second season comes out tomorrow. So remember to get it.

4-08-05: All season 2 DVD info, including the full size cover art and the special features, can be seen here.

Another note; HM guest star and all around good comedian Mitch Hedberg died on March 31st. =(