3-15-06: Bizarre (if neat) bit of info on the season 4 DVDs, as reported by the good folks at TVShowsonDVD.

- The fourth season set will have 24 commentaries, by the cast and crew (no word on specifics), with special guest commentaries by The Shins, Modest Mouse and the staff of The Onion.
- "Home Movies Outtake Jukebox", which I think is pretty self-explanatory.
- "The Beginning of the Genesis of the Origin of Home Movies: The Very First Sessions With Loren Bouchard", which sounds fairly straight-forward as well.

So more commentaries, random indie bands and a free soundtrack. Sounds good.

3-3-06: Look for season 4 in Summer, according to...people.

Also, O'Grady, the other Soup2Nuts show (with a lot of the same talent), is premiering new episodes on The N, if you have it. It's pretty worthwhile (and look for David Cross and Rob Corddry in the future).

Also, for whatever reason, the show is off the AS schedule for more Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

2-4-06: The stuff that I reported for the season 3 DVD is happening on season 4; from Brendon Small's website:

"The season 4 box set will officially include all the crappy music I wrote so that you may have it and quit bothering me about it."

Woo. Track listing at: http://blog.myspace.com/brendonsmall .

The fact a MySpace is involved in this makes me sad.

1-26-06: I should've mentioned (thanks to anyone who e-mailed) that the unofficial release date for season 4 is May 16th. This is still unofficial, but it would make sense given the release patterns.

1-22-06: My site seemed to have been messed up in my downtime, so I apologize. Only real news is that the show has been reairing at 12 AM, Monday through Wednesday, on Adult Swim. Enjoy it while it lasts. Beyond that, season 4 remains without official announcement.