10-01-03: Home Movies Season 4: HM season four officially begins November 9th. To see premiere dates, check the Schedule Page. To see quick one-line descriptions (hey, that's all I could get =P ) check the Episode Guide.

10-06-03: Slight Update: Another episode added to the Schedule: "Curses" on November 30th. No description. Hoorj.
I'd go if I wasn't in New York. =P

10-11-03: Here and There: New episode description up (Curses) as well as airdate; some little tidbits added around the site. That's it.
Also, if you live in/near Hollywood, California, you can see Brendon Small and help out a good cause at the same time:
Comedy Freakout USA 2000! a benefit for the Westside Food Bank, calls it quits after two years with Mary Lynn Rajskub (24, Mr. Show), the Sklars (BattleBots), Brendon Small (Home Movies), Scott Aukerman (Mr. Show), BJ Novak, and others at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, 7021 Hollywood Blvd., Sun., Oct. 19, 7:30 p.m.; $5; (323) 463-0204.

10-13-03: They Won't Know What Hit Em': New Server, hoorj! Today marks the (hopefully final) movement of the Home Movies Super Site to the good folks at Toonzone! I'm glad to be a part of this fine animation community, and I thank the equally good people at Animation Insider for hosting me for as long as they did. For those people checking out the site for the first time, the site's biggest claim to fame is its Episode Capsule Guide; also keeping an updated Schedule of upcoming episodes; and full of useless HM Info and Stuff.

10-18-03: Stuff(zors): Because Spaz asked me to, I've (finally) updated the Soundclip of the Week.

Because an amazing super-source kicks ass, I have some New Episode Names (...at the bottom).

10-25-03: Glargh: Darn, I'm late on this news due to internet connection problems.

Home Movies' Season 4 premiere date has been pushed back a month. What are they putting in its place?

...The Oblongs.

So, we get a month of Oblong repeats instead of new HM.

The reasons aren't entirely known at this point...it could be that HM's ratings were horrible (which I don't think, since the show appeared in "Top 3 Ratings" Cards several times, a few times at #1 when it was on at 11 PM), or it could be Williams Street trying to keep material fresh (figuring how Adult Swim has 4 other shows getting new episodes in November), or perhaps the Dark Lord Lucifer came up from the depths of hell in an attempt to make HM fans doubt the existance of God.

I don't know. =(

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10-28-03: Official: The Home Movies premiere has been kicked back to January 11th, as just announced via Adult Swim Card. =(

But then again, you never know...