11-1-04: Canadian HM fans can get the DVD on November 30th, 2004. On a side note you guys are getting it cheaper. =(

11-11-04: Apparently there is a promotion going on with the HM DVDs at iFilm. In essence, make a 2-minute short film inspired in some way by Home Movies. The winner's film will appear on the season two DVD. Fun.

Also, with only 5 days until season one is released, here's a few reviews I've come across to look through. Enjoy.

11-15-04: Reminder: Season one comes out tomorrow. Don't want to buy it?

Win it, then

11-16-04: Season one is out today. Get it. I'll probably do a review-type thing later for it.

11-17-04: IGN is doing their "10 Questions" session with various people from Home Movies this week. Check it out.

11-21-04: Well after watching through the DVDs, I made some changes. Besides some capsule additions, I also modified the (now up to date) Show History.