11-21-03: 8) : The capsule for "Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion" is up. Now read it.

11-17-03: Brendon Small site: This might be old, but I was just informed now. =P

www.brendonsmall.com is opened. Most notable thing is the music downloads up for...download. All of the availible songs are HM songs, despite the "Secret Song" label. So, go check it out.

11-15-03: New Content, Bab-ee: New content. =o

First off, got a new "Coffins and Cradles" review from our buddy StrangerAtaru.

Second, a new Rant from Lyle Raymond, giving a (rather disturbing) possible look at Josie's origins and The Divorce.

11-11-03: Episode Descriptions/YOU MISSED IT =(: Hope at least some of you caught the new HM at 3 AM last night. As usual procedure, I'll have a capsule up within a week or so. If you missed it, you can catch it when season 4 premieres.

Til then, Adult Swim has given us descriptions for (some of) the episodes of the upcoming season 4 of HM. Read them here:


Looking good. =)
For those without Flash, I've also added the descriptions to the Episode Guide.

11-01-03: "Non-Official": Okay, officially this is a stealth premiere, but I figure only hardcore HM fans would be on this site in the first place. So, here's what's up: Basically, the HM Season 4 season opener "Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion" will be playing November 11th...

at 3 AM.

The reasons for this? I suspect its a sign from Williams Street as a sort of a "nod" to hardcore HM fans. Also, it will do well to hold us over until the new episodes in January.

So, set your VCRs, folks. Added to the Schedule page, as well.