5-03-03: School Leave: Sorry I didn't update in awhile...had a lot of school stuff this week. Lesse...I added original airdates to the Capsule Main Page, added a new feature to the "Show" section, the DVD Page, and I added a new page with a simple guide to using the DAP. New poll is up today: "Which character would you like to see more of in Season 4?"

5-04-03: Improving your schedule through Improv: My guess about the June schedule turned out to be exactly right...the episodes will continue in production order after "Politics". See the schedule here.

5-05-03: Business & Awards: At the recent Bay Animated Television Festival, Home Movies won two awards:

- Best Television Show for Teens and Adults
- Best Character

Unfortunately thats all the info I could get at the moment (lousy Soup2Nuts and their only mildly informative website), so I'll look some more stuff up on the Festival later. (Thanks to JazzFighter for informing me in the first place)

15 minutes later: Got a link! Apparently Soup2Nuts likes to hide its press releases in the secret areas; read the whole story about the festival here.

5-07-03: Four's Company: New link up today: Guitarmageddon.com. Not a .com address yet (actually Geocities), and its a new site, but I think it has potential. Check it out, give feedback...do what you may. Good luck to Alyssa on her site. :-)

5-10-03: Method of Acting: (Thanks to HomeMoviesFan for this info) Jonathan Katz, who plays Erik Robbins on Home Movies (as well as Dr. Katz on...Dr. Katz), has a role (not a bit part, but an actual role) in the Eddie Murphy movie "Daddy Day Care". Whether that's enough to go see the film or not is your call (HomeMoviesFan says that Katz is very good in the movie and makes the movie mildly worthwhile).

I'm working on a Cast section...so it will be up by next year. :p BTW, I finally got around to doing (some of) the one timer characters. Check them out on the Character Page.

5-14-03: It Was Supposed To Be Funny: Addition to the "Stow A Way" capsule thanks to GIJoe and a new rant courtesy of yours truly (feel free to send your own if you'd like). The topic: What if Home Movies appeared somewhere other than Adult Swim?

5-17-03: Coffins and Cradles: A clip of the upcoming episode "Coffins and Cradles" is now availible:


However, at the moment, either my computer is messed up or the clip isn't working properly. All I'm getting is audio.. O_o

A new poll is up...short, but sweet; Favorite Season of Home Movies. This should carry me into the new episode.

Also added something I should've done a long time ago; a direct link to some adultswim.com content; including some other versions of retroscripted scenes for "Pizza Club" and "The Wedding", and a cool little Starboy Mutant Hot Dog Game relating to "History".

One more thing, nothing major...at the bottom of the page, there's a little countdown to "Coffins and Cradles". See how much time until it airs. Yea...I was bored.

5-20-03: Slapstick: Hey, good news, Slapstick is back. Go here and check it out. Also, I've started work on a new articles page; if you see any articles you'd like added, email me.

5-23-03: Renaissance: New menu today! Huzzah! Thanks to Superloud for making the menu...again. :-)

Few things:
- This site has moved to Animation Insider! Woo-Hoo! Thanks to my man Vincent B. for taking my little two-bit site into his evil animation empire. ;-)
- Coffins and Cradles is Sunday, people, in case you missed the strategically placed and large-fonted message slightly above.
- If you see any problems with the menu, I.E. the old menu is still on a page, a link to a page doesn't work from a certain page, or anything like that, please e-mail me about it.
- Home Movies will be on Sundays for awhile...then off for awhlie...then back to weekdays. To see what I'm talkin' bout, go to the schedule page.

5-25-03: Coffins and Cradles!!!: Set your VCRs. Prep your minds. Prepare your analytical mind. Get your HM shirt on. Put marbles up your nose. Play "Mr. Pants" at full volume. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell people you don't even like. Brush up on your HM knowledge. Breath in, and proceed to breath out. Forget about politics, religion, your social life, your family, the movies you want to see, the clothes you wear, the websites you visit, the reasons why you exist.

"Coffins and Cradles" airs tonight at 11 PM. Do.Not.Miss.It

5-26-03: Coffins and Cradles, The goodness of: Well, "Coffins and Cradles" was great. As for the capsule...well, I'll wait for everyone who might want to to make a review (on whatever forum they wish). Then, I'll have to get the file so I can make pictures and basically do my capsule. Then, I'll have to set up the capsule on Dreamweaver, then I'll add the appropiate pictures to the other sections of the site. With any luck, everything will be done by Saturday.

As for the people who missed it (and I did get a couple of emails), well, I feel for you. Unfortunately, "Coffins and Cradles" might not play again for a long time. If there's any info on a replay of that episode or something like that, I'll have it up ASAP.

After the episode, if you would like to do a review for a capsule, respond to the talkback thread in Animation Insider Forums. Post a note if you would like your review to go on the site

5-27-03: The Art of the Soccer Punch: Adult Swim's website has a cool new Home Movies game up, where you play as Brendon hitting your fellow teammates with soccer balls.

Game is located here.

BTW, try and beat my high score, and you'll get...the satisfaction of knowing you beat my score:

5-29-03: Guitarmageddon: Brand new feature this week...the Soundclip of the Week! Basically, I'll take a piece of dialogue from a given episode and put it up for download for a week. The link is on top, if you somehow missed it. I would like feedback on this idea (and, for now, I'll take requests), so please E-Mail Me whatever you think, please.

Since I'm sure you're all anxious for the "Coffins & Cradles" capsule, well, I'll do it as soon as possible (meaning when I get the file so I can watch/take pictures).

5-30-03: The Fan Art of the Sucker Punch: Well, people seem to like the Soundclip of the Week, so I guess it's here to stay. I already have next week's ready.

Also, Fry's Girl has given the site some very cool Home Movies fan art. Check it out in the Fan Art Section. And...um.....you people can submit things, too. In fact, I insist. Give me stuff. NOW.

Added a small section to the Interactive part: Games. Basically, it's just a link to the two games on adultswim.com as of now.....maybe it will change someday, who knows.

Oh, and a correction on my part: Brendon Small does the voices of Ken Addleburg and his son Junior, not Bill Braudis. My bad.