March 2004

3-03-04: "Curses" is up (I don't have any screengrabs up for it yet but I will).

In related news, "Honkey Magoo" is up. This one has pictures.

Also, I changed my email to for those who care.

3-08-04: Just some quick news; it seems HM did better in the ratings last week. Almost 400,000 viewers, beating out the rest of the Adult Swim block.

Capsule for the newest episode is coming soon.

3-11-04: Once again, Home Movies is cancelled. Word came straight from Soup2Nuts at a NYU Q&A session, in which Brendon Small said that the show would not be picked up for new episodes after the remaining 5 or so episodes aired. I got word of this through a professor at NYU, who emailed me with the news. I'll put up an official press release whenever Soup2Nuts or makes one.

Brendon Small also encouraged an email or letter writing campaign to save the show...although I've noticed these things never work, if you want to attempt, feel free. I'm not exactly sure where you would complain, but you could always attempt .

Nonetheless, farewell, my sweet HM. =(

3-20-04: Alright. Although I've recieved word from several sources that HM is cancelled, I recieved an email from a producer that CN hasn't officially sent the word of cancellation. It's just a matter of the show has a slim-nill chance, so I wouldn't get your hopes up....but...although I certainly won't promise anything, as I said before, telling Cartoon Network how you feel couldn't hurt. As of now the only link I have is their feedback site. So...go complain. (Sorry about flip-flopping on the news, it's just I've been getting different sources.)

At least the ratings have gone up for the show in the past few weeks, usually nearing about 400,000 viewers. (which is good =] )

3-21-04: "Those Bitches Tried To Cheat Me" and "Cho and the Adventures of Amy Lee" capsules are up, and pictures have been added to the "Curses" capsule. 3 episodes left. =(

3-22-04: Home Movies' cancellation is (finally) officially official as it can be now. =( Read more here.

3-23-04: Personally I feel that these things never work, but since I got a few emails asking about petitions, I figured I might as well put it up. A "Save Home Movies" petition has been put up at PetitionOnline...will it work? Probably not. But hey, worth 10 seconds. And it makes you feel all warm inside. Click here for the petition.


...forgive my braggingness...but I did...from an article on Home Movies.

"Fans latched on to the show with a particular obsessiveness. It has inspired a wide range of websites that may list every single garden-gnome appearance or have multiple reviewers weigh in on each episode."

I'm pretty sure that's me, unless there's another site I'm not aware of. =D

Only 2 episodes left. "Temporary Blindness" premieres tonight (which will hopefully be a lot better than last week's mess =\ ). Capsules for both episodes should be up during the week.