3-02-03: Hiatus: Alright, here's the deal. Home Movies will be taking a hiatus from Adult Swim for several months. If you need to blame some show, you can blame the newly picked up Family Guy or the returning Baby Blues. However, don't fret because the show will be returning for a Fourth Season in Fall 2003 (that's the official date, so it's possibly earlier/later). So, if you want to catch Season 3, do it now!

3-09-03: Class Trip: Yeah, I'm still here. Sorry for no updates...other stuff...but I'll be updating something eventually. I did keep the schedule up to date and put in the week's reviews, so thats good. I have some ideas for the "Show" section, and I'll get to those eventually.

3-15-03: Renaissance: Alright, a couple of things. I've begun the character pages, check the show section for details. I'm thinking of leaving Angelfire for Brinkster...however I'm not sure. My bandwidth has gone over the limit several times (which is kind of weird figuring how this is a text/picture site), and I'm looking for a better host. Of course, none of you care. So why am I writing this? I don't know. I'll be doing the usual site update tommorow, as well.

3-16-03: Added a neat little thing today...for the Garden Gnomes in each episode, a picture is now availible.

3-21-03: Class Trip: Goodbye Angelfire popups...hello gray backgrounds on my front page! I've moved to Brinkster, so I'll see how this works for awhile. Normal updates tommorow. Oh, and if you notice any problems on the site (unloaded picture, page, etc.) please tell me. And yes, I know about the background on the front page. E-Mail Me here

3-22-03: Identifying a Body: Adult Swim (including HM) was recently a cover piece in the TV Section of the New York Times. The section about HM:

"...Among those in the latest cartoon generation is "Home Movies", a slice of the ironic and introspective life of Brendon Small, a third grader who transcends his quotidian existence by making home movies. Brendon, it turns out, is an auteur.

In one episode, after Brendon has taken up the guitar, he encounters his school's athletic coach. Noticing the guitar, the coach begins this exchange, delivered in near monotone by both characters (think Woody Allen)..."

At this point, they wrote part of the McGuirk/Brendon dialogue from "Guitarmageddon". Cool article, I must say. Normal updates today (and hopefully I'll get a guestbook up).

Also welcome our newest HM reviewer...the always entertaining Condiment King. I added his reviews to a couple of episodes, as well as the reviews for the last two episodes of HM's run, "Broken Dreams" and "Stow A Way".

The guestbook is up! Check at the bottom to sign it!

And also, a cool little thing was added...instead of the usual "Starboy and the Captain of Outer Space" picture on the "splash" page, we (well, actually I) have a random image! Hurray!

One more thing, as well...I added a really neat guitar related update to the "Guitarmageddon" page. (Thanks to Dave Dycus for this one!) Also, another little "Stow A Way" addition involving "Uncle Pedro" (Thanks to me me for this one).

Also, expect a redesign of this site soon (well, if Hiei-lover Gogeta ever gets it finished). ;-)

3-25-03: Time to Pay the Price: I've upgraded from the free basic Brinkster plan (which is the reason why the bandwidth kept dying on this site) to the Brinkster SE plan (4 times the bandwidth for $4 a month). The bandwidth should be pretty stable now (but please don't go nuts).

Also, the front page logo (as you probably noticed) has been updated with a new "Random Image" server thing. Once again, don't go nuts refreshing the page, please.

3-27-03: Impressions: Neat little poll is up today...I'll try to find a better place for it, but I think it kind of looks cool on the front page. I'll update the poll...when I feel like it.

3-28-03: Mortgages and Marbles: Mortgages and Marbles, one of the biggest Home Movies related sites on the internet (well, if you count this one, one of three) has closed it doors today. The site is still up, but Spectre has said his interest in the show has dropped and he just doesn't feel like updating the site anymore. However, if the past Slapstick Barbarian Project is any indication, the site could very well be back up with a new design at the end of the day (check the archives from 2-13-03 and 2-14-03 to see what I'm talking about).

I did some work on the character page...the basic list is up, the basic pages for the Main & Major Characters is up (but not the "[Character] is..." part with the pictures) and the basic pictures are up. Go to Characters to see them.

I updated the Links page to look...slightly better.

I'm considering adding a "Rants" section to the site (basically analyzing/reviewing/complaining about anything HM related), but I would need some rants to put up. If you feel like ranting, and have some time to kill, feel free to E-Mail Me.

3-29-03: The Party: All of the Minor Characters basic pages are up on the Character page. I might do the One-Timer Characters later, as well.

3-31-03: Brendon's Choice: I got rid of CGISpy, and all their crappy downtime. I'm with some other HTML place, so feel free to sign my guestbook (or resign it if you already did). The Rants section is officially up, with a nice little theory of Josie's origin brought to us by H A N as well as a fanboy fueled rant about HM's treatment in the UPN Days by The Landstander (aka Yours Truly). If you feel like writing about HM, feel free to submit any of your rants to The Landstander. If you don't know what to write about, I gave a couple of suggestions on the main Rants page.