Name: Donald Lynch
Voice: Ronald Lynch

Seemingly bored but nice at heart, Mr. Lynch is Brendon's school teacher and (against his will) McGuirk's friend. Always willing to offer personal help to either individual, Lynch is a quiet, smart, cat-obsessed man with a voice that can induce fatigue. Though at the end of the day he usually has the upper hand over anyone.

Major Episodes:
I Don't Do Well In Parent Teacher Conferences - First episode; gives Brendon a second chance on an essay
School Nurse - Gets involved in problems between McGuirk & Nurse Kirkman
Hiatus - Goes to Mexico with McGuirk, with unexpected results.
Bad Influences - Goes on double date with McGuirk, Nurse Kirkman and Kirkman's friend Ruth
Renaissance - Runs the medieval fair. Into the ground.
Coffins and Cradles - Dresses up as a kitty for Halloween, but takes role a bit too far
Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion - Promoted to interrim principle, and has to deal with McGuirk's newfound freedom.
Honkey Magoo - Helps Brendon with his dog, creating a much bigger problem.

Appears In:
I Don't Do Well In Parent Teacher Conferences
School Nurse
Mortgages & Marbles
Identifying a Body
Class Trip
Writer's Block
Bad Influences
Four's Company
Coffins and Cradles
Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion
Honkey Magoo
Those Bitches Tried To Cheat Me
Bye Bye Greasy