Pizza Club: Home Movies Links

Official Sites

Adult Swim: Offical site of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim (of which Home Movies is a part of).

Brendon Small: Brendon's official site; contact him or whatever through here.

Shout! Factory: Fine folks who brought us the Home Movies DVDs.

Soup2Nuts: Offical site of the Supreme Beings who make Home Movies.

Toonzone: Fine source of animation news and the hosters of this here site.

Home Movies Fansites That Are Still Up

The Slapstick Barbarian Project: Home Movies website specializing in Sound Clips. Been around perhaps the longest of any fansite. Hello Gina. New version of TVTome. Decent source of information. And a forum to boot.

Wikipedia: Well, they linked me. It's only fair.

Wit and Wisdom Of Coach McGuirk: Somehow it's still up. Pretty funny.

Leggman's Home Movies Site: Not updated in ages, but for what it was this was a pretty good site.

The Blue Site: Cool site, and also features cool non-HM minisites. Hasn't been updated in AGES. Closed, but hey, it's still up (at the moment)!

Adult Swim/Soup2Nuts Related

ASF: Great site for downloads of all your favorite openings and songs.

O'Grady: Good fan site for the fine show O'Grady.


Tinkle NYC: Comedy show, usually featuring H. Jon Benjamin (among other HM cast members) and several big comedians (Jeanene Garofalo and David Cross, for example). This seems pretty worthwhile if you ever get the chance to see it!

Midnight Pajama Jam: Similar to Tinkle; specific show always hosted by McGuirk himself, H. Jon Benjamin. The site is pretty funny too.