Name: Arnold Lindenson
Voice: Andy Kindler

Arnold Lindenson was one of the oddest characters on the show. More Jerry Lewis slapstick than HM dry wit, he threw a lot of people off. Some suspect he wandered in from another show. Nonetheless, the principal of Paula's school could get some laughs when he got the chance, and Andy Kindler is good at what he does. He's rude to Paula without realizing it, seemingly has the ability to ramble about nothing for long periods of time, and doesn't seem to get that Brendon isn't a little girl. "To each his own, young woman!"

Identifying a Body - Paula asks him for a raise; he denies her one (rudely)
Hiatus - Fires Paula and shows up at her house later
The Wedding - Talks to Brendon about reaching Paula and ends up giving Brendon a ride to the wedding
The Wizard's Baker - Makes an unexpected cameo as the troop leader of the Skunk Scouts