6-02-03: Politics: Shnay has written a brand new review of "Politics", after Sunday's viewing. Go to the capsule and read it! NOW!

6-05-03: Coffins & Cradles & More: It's finally up! "Coffins and Cradles" capsule is up and running. If you would like to add anything, I.E. A Review or addition, feel free to email me. In addition to the capsule, there are new small updates on the Characters page and the "Roles of..." pages.

Expect some new updates tommorow, including a new poll, and expect an entirely new layout/design soon.

Also, after last Sunday's airing of "Politics", Shnay updated his review of the episode. It's much better now. Go check it out.

6-06-03: Guitarmageddon & Beyond: New soundclip that was requested by a few people (I don't know if I'm doing a clip archive or not, so "Louis Louis" may or may not come back", new poll (Nice little DVD Question), new project (Cast/Crew, which will be up...someday), new goal (added because it rhymes with poll). Also, Adult Swim & Beyond, a subdivision of the Starboy Site (you heard me), will be getting a new design soon...keep an eye out for it.

6-13-03: Updates & Cradles: Sorry for the lack of updates as of recently...I've had finals. :p Anyway, I've added some new stuff...new soundclip above and some new fan art (actually just some .gifs, done by me). More tommorow...I swear!

6-14-03: It Was Supposed To Be Finished...Long Ago...: The character pages are done, finally. Well, except for the background characters, but that's more of a side project. So, go, look, enjoy...blah blah blah.

6-21-03: Identifying some Problems: Okay, school is out for me, so I should be updating a bit more. I fixed a couple of problems (thanks to TheJazzFighter and Mr. Aria J. Behfar for pointing them out to me); fixed Linda and Andrew's capsule, fixed the lawn gnomes on the Coffins and Cradles page, and made the Articles Section I did awhile ago...accessible. Also, new sound clip of the week: Brendon and Paula Sing "Freaky Outie". I know its at Slapstick, but it doesn't work there, so I hope Pathetic doesn't mind.

6-24-03: Politics: I have been recognized! From adultswim.com :

"No, it's not the point of soccer. But what is? "Landstander" has the highest verified score of 16,366. Word to his clicking finger."

Hehe, I rule! :D (BTW, check the Games section for verifiction that I did indeed get this score)

6-25-03: Business & Bumpers: Might change the poll later (I'm shocked at the winner, I must say). As for now, enjoy this new direct link to Adult Swim Unleashed's downloads for Home Movies.

6-27-03: Polls & Clips: New poll up now; new soundclip later.

Oh, and I have a feeling you'll like this. :-) Now located in the Fan Art section. Also, the one-time character pages are now accessible (forgot to upload it)