7-4-04: Happy 4th! I fixed some errors on the site, most notably the one preventing the downloading of the Mac desktop icons. It should work now; enjoy.

Also, for those who want to download the HM promos from early 2004, check out ASF's Home Movies section.

7-14-04: First major news in awhile, but I am happy to report that Home Movies is (finally) getting a DVD! The first season of the show will be released on November 13th! No word on extras or anything like that (yet, anyway).

Source: TVShowsOnDVD

7-30-04: A new show from Soup2Nuts, "O'Grady", premiered tonight. It's no HM, but it has its charm (and has the voices of H. Jon Benjamin and Melissa Bardin Galsky). So check it out.

In hindsight I probably should've reported this before it premiered. =(