7-02-03: I Don't Do Well On Sundays: The schedule has been updated up to August. Also, new soundclip of the week (sorry I'm late on that one)

7-07-03: Hello: Since a lot of people are probably visiting the site for the first time thanks to the new button on Animation Insider, let me introduce myself and my site. This is a site dedicated to the fine Adult Swim program Home Movies. For more info on general Adult Swim stuff, go to Adult Swim Unleashed, also a part of AI. The main speciality of this site is my Episode Guide/Capsules, containing random information, interpretations, reviews, and pictures of each episode of Home Movies. The Show Info section contains all you'd need to know about the site, from its History to a Character Guide, a collection of Articles gathered from the internet, and the current Schedule. The Interactive section of the site contains Rants (mostly by myself), Fan Art, and a Poll Archive. New content for the interactive section is always wanted and appreciated, so feel free to Email Me if you wish to add anything. Links is, obviously, links to other Home Movies/Adult Swim sites on the internet. Discussion of Home Movies and other Adult Swim shows is encouraged in the ASU Forums. So, look around, enjoy the site, feel free to Contact Me and immerse yourself in the genius that is Home Movies.

Also, on a side note for people who've known about this site for awhile...the updates have been slow as of late. Truth be told, there's not a lot of HM news going on right now, and I can't think of anything else to add to the site. But you can trust that I'm still here; just have nothing to do.

7-13-03: Quick Note: Just a note; I've changed my email address to StarboySite@hotmail.com . If you've emailed me in the past week or so on my old email (doubt anyone has), I didn't get it.

Okay, did some site maintenance (thanks to adult_swim_fan for keeping me on my toes), and added a new link. Added/Removed some links and added a couple of random observations here and there.

7-17-03: COMIC CONN!!!!: No new news...didn't feel like updating things (yea, I know I should =P). Anyways, just saying that Brendon Small will be part of the Adult Swim panel in a few days at the ongoing Comic Con. If there's any big news (probably at least some info on the new episodes), I'll put it here, so keep an eye out.

7-19-03: COMIC CONN!!!! (con't): Okay, here's all the HM related Comic Con News:

- Season 4 of HM, consisting of 13 episodes, will begin November 2nd.
- A Home Movies soundtrack is in the works.

And....that's it. No DVD Announcement, unfortunately...but the official dates for the new season and the soundtrack (here's hoping for extended versions of songs =D ) more than make up for it.

For all Comic Con news (well, not all...), check it out here.

7-22-03: New Reviews? OMGWTF?!!1: A nice fellow by the name of Jacob the Hedgehog emailed two reviews; "Shore Leave" and "Director's Cut"...if you want to read them, go nuts. For those unaware, Home Movies returns to Mondays - Thursdays 11 PM effective next week. Also, brand spanking new Soundclip of the Week. I would add a new poll...but my poll hoster isn't working. =(

Also, expect a new design soon. =)

7-25-03: New Design, Yay!: A brand new design for The Starboy Site. =D Huge thanks to CookieS for doing this for me, I think it looks great. If any particular page/style/whatever looks a bit..."off", to you, Email Me about it. The poll and the guestbook will come back when...I feel like it.

7-26-03: Starboy....and Captain Walter & Perry: Got a neat little email today from HM fan Zach Smith...apparently at Comic Con he was able to get Billy Dallas Patton and Glen Birdwell of 88mph Studios to do sketches of Starboy and the Captain of Outer Space as well as Walter & Perry. Also got them autographed by Brendon Small himself. Thanks to Zach for being nice enough to email them to me, and they've been added to the (renamed) Show Art section.

Also, I'm in the process of resizing the text on the site...bear with me, por favor.

7-31-03: Of DVD Covers and Hollywood Shows: First of all, I got a neat little DVD Cover Set from Dopio. See it on the DAP page. To all Home Movies fans in the Hollywood area, I got this little neat announcement from Tom Hicks:

My name is Tom Hicks and I book a stand-up comedy show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. On Sunday Aug. 10, Brendon Small (you may know him as Brendon Small on Home Movies) will be performing. The show is 7:30-9:30. It is a fundraiser for the Westside Food Bank here in Los Angeles and is only $5. I was hoping you could put up a blurb about the show on your site.

this is the listing that will run in next week's LA Weekly:
Comedy Freakout USA 2000! holds a benefit for the Westside Food Bank, with Mary Lynn Rajskub, Todd Glass, BJ Porter and Scott Aukerman, Brendon Small, Josh Di Donato, Sari Karplus, Karen Korn and Pete Carboni at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, 7021 Hollywood Blvd., Sun., Aug. 10, 7:30 p.m.; $5; (323) 463-0204.

if people are interested, I would recommend they reserve seats by emailing daggerofchrist@hotmail.com.

So, I'd encourage all in the Hollywood area to check this out.