1-3-05: Wow new fanart. =o

1-22-05: Neat news from Brendon Small's website:

"if y'all want to know what's new here's some cool news. I'm working with cartoon network on a new show that i created with my friend Tommy Blacha about a DEATH METAL band called "DEATHCLOCK"- lots and lots of new original music to come. I posted the theme song in the MEDIA section so check it out- i dare you to try to figure out the lyrics, if you can I'll come to your home town and make love to you and your enemies- but back to the "DEATHCLOCK" mp3, expect fast guitar and cookie monster vocals. This show will include much shredding and murder. It will be exciting."

Woo. Also, apparently the HM season 2 DVD is still in planning, so he'll/I'll post more when he/I get more information.

1-31-05: It seems like I've randomly been getting new Fan Art recently. Particularly this interesting leg drawing.

On a related note, this site recently had its 2 year anniversary. Woo.