1-10-04: Woot, Sunday night sees the beginning of season 4. So, for those who don't feel like waiting, here's a quick clip roundup:

See McGuirk tripping out in the forest at www.adultswim.com
See the guest starring role of They Might Be Giants at www.theymightbegiants.com

Also, if you would like to add your thoughts after the episode airs, there will be a talkback on the Toon Zone Forum (which can be easily accessed by clicking "Forum" on the menu on the right). Keep in mind, if you would actually like your review to appear on the site, it needs to be:
A) Coherent
B) Decent grammar
C) More than a few sentences.

1-15-04: It has come and gone, and the new capsule is up. Enjoy "Camp".

Also, did some "maintenence" (I.E. updating random stuff. Nothing worth mentioning specifically =P )

1-20-04: One year ago today, a bored HM fan got an Angelfire account, got a .tk account, and began starboy.tk, a Home Movies fansite. And now, one year later, it's slightly better and hosted on a larger server! =D

Capsule for the newest episode will be up tonight, probably. Til then, bask in this site's one year old awesomeness.

1-22-04: Capsule for "Bye Bye Greasy" is up. Enjoy it. =)

1-25-04: Urgh.

Home Movies' ratings suck.

Last week was the worst Adult Swim has done in about 5 months. If this keeps up, you can say goodbye to the potential of a season 5.

Of course, I wouldn't give up ALL hope just yet. We're only two weeks into the ratings; it has the potential to go up. Also, the premiere did pretty good, so...I don't know. =\

In gooder news, the long-dead Slapstick Barbarian Project website has actually returned. Visit it, if for nothing more than the soundclips.

Expect the capsule for "Heart Smashers" this week, as well.