1-20-03: I Don't Do Well In Parent-Teacher Conferences: Hello and welcome to the all new Starboy Home Movies Ultra-Site. As of right now, this site is still in the very early stages of a website. Even the name is awful. In other words, I got nothing. Hopefully, someday this website will include:

  • Descriptions/Reviews of every Home Movies episode
  • A Simpson's Archive level of everything you could possibly want to know about Home Movies
  • Maybe even a few transcripts of episodes

As of right now, I know little/nothing about websites or how to make them. I'm gonna look into Dreamweaver and figure out how to use it. P.S. In case you're wondering why I started this out with the name of a Home Movies episode, I'm going to name every update after an episode. That's the best one I could think up.

Later: Hey this website stuff is easier than I thought! Well, I put up the first Episode Capsule (as well as the page for the episode capsule). I chose to start off with the classic "Director's Cut". Apparently I still have to learn a lot when it comes to pictures, so for awhile this site is going to be text only. And that little Starboy logo right below.

1-21-03: School Nurse: I felt sick this morning and didn't go to school. I was also able to update this page with four new episodes, "Get Away From My Mom", "I Don't Do Well In Parent-Teacher Conferences" "The Art of the Sucker Punch" and "Brendon Gets Rabies". as well as a capsule explaination page. I also added some new stuff to "Director's Cut" since I thought of more stuff to put in episode capsules

1-22-03: Coffins and Cradles: Today I'll added a capsule for "We'll Always Have Tuesday". I also updated Director's Cut with some reviews.

However, in actual Home Movies news, in case you haven't heard:

  • The show is in fact returning for a fourth season.
  • According to Bouchard, a DVD release will most likely happen.
  • The plot for "Coffins and Cradles" has been released.

1-23-03: Business & Pleasure: One of the nice people from the DAP asked to use my capsules as episode descriptions for Home Movies. I said yes, of course. Pretty good considering this site has been up about 3 days.

Today I put up one more capsule, "It Was Supposed To Be Funny". With any luck, I'll be able to update the site more next week if my school decides to have off for exam week.

1-24-03: Broken Dreams: Turns out the jerks at my school decided that we do have to come in next week. Stupid bunch of Mr. Lynch's. Well, I added the Home Movies Introduction Page in the hopes of being found on search engines now. I also made two new episode capsules: "Method of Acting" and "Life Through A Fish Eye Lens".

1-25-03: Therapy: After recieving some help from outside sources (Thank you Pathetic and Unarmed), I finally figured out how to make pictures from episodes. Ok, so it's not that hard...but I still did it! I added a few pictures to the "Life Through A Fish Eye Lens" capsule, and I'll be adding pictures when I do the capsules from now on. I also think I fixed the problem with the links page. I was able to finish up the first season by staying up late and making 4 new capsules for y'all: "School Nurse", "Mortgages and Marbles" "Law and Boarder" and Brendon's Choice, all with pictures. I also updated most of the old episodes with pictures, I just have two more to do. It is 4:16 AM, actually it's Sunday now, I'm going to bed.

1-26-03: Brendon's Choice: I added pictures to the last two capsules without them, and Season One is already finished. I put up ""Politics". And I realize that since I haven't sent this site to any search engines, nobody is reading these updates. Yet I still post them. Hmm...

1-27-03: Four's Company: With a little (well, a lot of) help from Superloud, I was able to give the site a whole new design! Purdy, isn't it? Also, once again with a lot of help from Superloud, I was able to get a URL that a person can actually remember (www.starboy.tk). Also, I put up "Identifying A Body".

1-28-03: That Smarts: No big updates. Got a global test tommorow. However I did have one more capsule I finished yesterday that I put up: "Hiatus".

1-29-03: Writer's Block: I put up "Business & Pleasure" today. I need some ideas for the "Show" button on my graphic. I really can't think of anything interesting to do. If you have an idea, please tell me.