Alonzopt's Interpretation of the ending of HM [If you have your own interpretation, feel free to email me]

Let me start by saying that I have bad luck at picking favorite TV shows. Almost all of these relationships have ended in heartbreak for me and the legions of cult followers. Mystery Science Theater, Invader Zim, Futurama, Home Movies, and the Daily Show. All but one have been canceled, but none struck so hard as Home Movies did. I suppose that the way it was canceled might have been the largest part of it.

I didn't get into MST3K until well after a year of the final new episode. With Invader Zim, it wasn't a surprise. To me, it was just a matter of time. Just look at the other shows that Nickelodeon had. Zim was surrounded by Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Wild Thornberries, and Spongebob Squarepants. So the possibilities were simply that Zim would be kicked off for not being the in demographic the rest of the channel was going for, or that it would be censored until the markers weren't the makers (Christmas episode).

For Futurama, Fox let us down gently. For about the first season everything was good, bu then Fox decided that the shimmering light of intelligent humor was not as profitable as the burnt out shell of the former great The Simpsons, keeping the dying embers burning by pumping it with quick burning gastric humor of fart jokes. So Futurama was shoved to the death sentence that is the Sunday at 7:00/6:00 c time slot. While there it was constantly interrupted by any and all sporting event that had occurred that day, as well as the occasional removal for a special showing of new episodes of The Simpsons, or crap-o-granza as I like to call it.

But through the cancellations of Zim and Futurama, Home Movies kept going strong. There is no UPN station near me, so I was not introduced to HM until it began on Cartoon Network. However, one it started, I have yet to miss a premiering episode. The disappointment did not hit me until I was watching the final scenes of the show.

I had heard about the ratings problems the show was having during the 4th season, but I was hopefully optimistic. I was unaware of any show on Cartoon Network that was ever truly canceled. Sure, some shows may have been canceled on some other channel, but on Cartoon Network shows only ever got put on an extended hiatus. New episodes would seem to never come, but the old episodes would keep running. The may be removed from rotation, but as soon as there were new episodes, there it was, back on the air.

Not so with Home Movies. But never before had I been in the position to see the ending of the series as I did this time. First, it was obvious that this episode was made to deal with the fact that the show is really over. The only other show that did that was MST3K, and due to my timing, I did not experience it as I did Home Movies. Zim just disappeared, and Fox was so slow at putting Futurama on the air that the final episodes were done long before they really knew they were canceled. As I sat there and watched one of the most under appreciated shows on TV finish, the words of Brendonís final speech came to mind. The show wasn't appreciated, but they kept making them. Maybe it was never really supposed to be for the fans. Maybe it was for the people who made it, who made it because they enjoyed it. The fact that so many people liked it was just a happy coincidence. This show had become something that had gone beyond simply being filler for UPN. Now with the camera crushed, the outlet is now gone, but Brendon is OK with that. It has served its purpose and all in all, it was fun. Its gone. So what? Brendon has a family now, which was something that he had been looking for since the first episode, it may not be family in the normal sense, but it serves its purpose. And with that, they drive away.

I cannot think of any other way to put it. Sure, Iím sad and Iíll miss the show, but at the same time, I'm happy for all the people who made the show for letting us, the viewers, have a chance to be there for something that was really special. Thank you Soup2Nuts.