Did he just blink?
Episode 202: Identifying A Body

Brendon Small/Ken Addleburg – Brendon Small
Jason Penopolis/Coach Jon McGuirk – H. Jon Benjamin
Melissa Robbins – Melissa Bardin Galsky
Paula Small – Janine Ditullo
Josie Small – Loren Bouchard
Mr. Lynch – Ron Lynch
Arnold Lindenson – Andy Kindler

Synopsis: Brendon's attempts to get money for Mr. Lynch's walkathon are foiled by McGuirk's road trip to identify a dead body. Meanwhile, Paula asks for a raise.

· This is the first time we see McGuirk’s “Reckless” mobile.
· Though this isn’t the first episode to introduce Walter & Perry, this is the first episode where we see exactly what type of friendship they have.
· This episode introduces Paula’s boss, Arnold Lindenson.

Call me Arnie, please!

Lawn Gnomes: (Click for picture)
· A Lawn Gnome falls outside right before “The Wall”
· Brendon is sleeping with a lawn gnome when he finds out he missed the walkathon


Brendon’s Filmography:
· *“The Wall” – A man crushed by a wall repents his sins to a priest.

The Movie-Episode Connection:
· In “The Wall”, Brendon’s character’s biggest sin is that he stole from charity, which is more or less what Brendon did with the walk-a-thon money.

Get the hell outta here!

The Plotline Connection: (TheJazzFighter)
· Brendon and Paula both have money problems: Brendon spends money he shouldn't and Paula wants a raise. McGuirk also has a bit of a money problem: he thinks he's getting money in the will from his dead uncle, but only gets a sausage, and that kind of ties into Brendon's story line.

Random Observations & Facts:
· Brendon’s foot gets stuck in a “Burpsi” cola bottle.
· In the first scene with Brendon & McGuirk’s road trip, it is 4:09 PM.
· McGuirk has an 8-Ball on the top of his stick drive.
· On McGuirk’s rear-view mirror, something hangs that says “Class of 83”.
· Brendon pays for: Gas, soda, bagels, pants, and dinner.
· 15% of $39.50: $5.92. Under McGuirk’s logic: $4.10.
· There is a bloody basketball net hanging over the morgue’s trashcan. There is also a burger on a bloody napkin.
· McGuirk’s uncle has the same type of hair.
· Playing at the Booth Cinema: “Farmageddon” and “Not Without My Schnapps”.
· Ken Addleburg is on the “Not Without My Schnapps” poster.
· Brendon (as Mr. Lindenson) shakes Paula’s hand with his foot.
· A wheel rolling by to switch to Paula/Lindenson’s scene is the only time Home Movies has used that type of scene-transition.
· Apparently the lawyer has been keeping the old watery sausage in his expensive suit.
· Addleburg stands on a stool in the butcher shop.
· Lindenson has an autographed poster of a basketball player on his wall, and also a framed $100 bill. (I’m guessing it’s 100)
· Jason has less screen time in this episode than in any other.
· How did Brendon manage to miss the walkathon? Back at my school, they always had those things on a regular school day.

Uh-oh! Keys in car!

Past Episode References:
· Lindenson’s car runs into the same people who hit Brendon in Episode 112 – Law and Boarder. And, once again, a biker is involved.

Movie & Other References:
· “Farmageddon” is a reference to the movie “Armageddon”.
· “Not Without My Schnapps” is probably a reference to “Not Without My Daughter”.
· We can see McGuirk & Brendon’s shadows on the movie screen when they watch “Farmageddon”, a Mystery Science Theater 3000 reference.
· Jason's Priest outfit is based on Father Guido Sarducci, who appeared on Saturday Night Live several times in the 1970s-1980s (and also appeared several other places). For a picture of the real man, click here, and compare to Jason, found here. (Thanks to Ulan Shad for giving this cool little tidbit)

Who do we hate?

End Credits: “Season Two Theme”

Reviews: WARNING: Spoilers

Spectre: For some odd reason... as much as I loved "Politics," and as much of a Home Movies fan that I am, this one sort of disappointed me. It wasn't as funny for me as other Home Movies episodes usually are. And for once, I actually spotted an actual bad joke(Brendon and McGuirk yelling "Road trip!"). There were some extremely funny moments, but otherwise, it is probably the worst HM episode I've ever seen. Grade: C

Jdoggg: Not as solid as some episodes, but still very funny. Highlights McGuirk, First display of "weirdness" between Walter and Perry.

J.C.: Pretty funny episode which I missed the first time around. My favorite line was the "Hey, I got my quarter back" bit towards the end. And the whole 'hugging' part was actually cute and weird at the same time. Overall, a good episode.

Grade: A-

Behonkiss: One of the more average Season 2 episodes, but still funny.

Wow, no wonder a wall fell on you. That's bad karma.

Randomguy: Well, after loving "Politics" I have to say this one kind of fell flat. I really enjoyed the bonding-type scenese between Brendon and McGuirk, especially when they were looking at the stars (I think Brendon and McGuirk understand each other more than either would care to admit). I think Lynch's obsession with beating the fifth graders, and the classes' response, was hilarious, as was the whole sausage thing. What I didn't like was the gross underusage of Jason (It was well over halfway into the episode when he made his singular appearance), and the whole subplot with Paula and her boss. One of my fave parts of Season one was how, unlike the newer Simpsons episodes, the writers at Soup2Nuts didn't feel the need to add cumbersome, tacked on subplots like every other sitcom. After two fairly boring Paula-related subplots, I'm kinda starting to worry about that. Don't get me wrong, I love Paula's character, but I'm dissapointed by the boring, forced events they've been putting her in. I'm still waiting for Erik and Dwayne to appear as well, thoug I'm sure they'll pop up sooner or later. Still though, it was solid enough overall, definitely worth watching. I'd say B-

This review was written upon first airing; his review on a re-air is below.

Wow.... Home Movies episodes are like fine wine, they get much better with age..... the first time I saw "Identifying A Body", I immediately considered it the worst HM ever. What a difference a couple of months makes... watching it this time, I loved every minute. The real highlight here is the McGuirk/Brendan interaction. Their scene on top of McGuirk's car philosophizing (albeit in a disillusioned way) about death is one of HM's better moments by far. It goes a long way towards illlustrating the bond between McGuirk and Brendan- not quite fatherly, but not quite brotherly. Something inbetween. It's lighthearted but also somewhat poignant. The dialogue is great, my favorite moment being Brendan and McGuirk's coversation with the buisessman about Uncle Pedro's will.

McGuirk: Oh no.... I'd kill myself if this guy was my son.
Brendan: I'd kill you too.
McGuirk: Shut up.

Yeah, the retroscripting really shined here. There were some great little touches (the two in the convertable are from "Law and Boarder", the homeless guy sprouts legs and walks off in the end), and Brendan was really at his best in this ep (his Mr. Lindenson was dead-on, pretty amazing for someone who hasn't even met the guy). Lynch had some great lines as well. I complained about Paula's subplot the first time through, but compared to the rest of the Paula subplots from Season 2, it looked great this time around. At least it was integrated into the main plot through a couple of conversations with Brendan. I'll admit, it was a bummer that Jason only made one appearance, but it was a good one, and at least Melissa got in some good moments. Overall, what was great about this was that it reminded me of Season 1- a simpler plot, a lighter focus, just more streamlined overall. And did anyone notice Brendan's line at the close of his argument with Melissa? I believe he said something to the effect of "If you dump me you will only make me stronger." I mean, it was pretty fast, but that's what I heard. Hmmm....anyhow, I up my "Identifying a Body" grade to a A. Event the "worst" HM eps still beat the best Simpsons episodes from the last 3-4 seasons.... not too shabby. I await Season 3 with much anticipation.

Shnay: I'm gonna have to conquer with the others about this one being much better the second time around. The first time it was shown, I enjoyed it more than most seemed to, but (at the time) it still failed to meet my high expectations for the beginning of season two. I was expecting a lot from season two, and was weary about the changes to the show. So I think that I, and possibly many others, were judging these episodes by different standards. Now, in retrospect of all of season two, this is certainly a very good episode.

This was, for the most part, a very solid and complete episode of HM. It had great interactions between the characters, with McGuirk and Brendan's scenes the clear standout. Paula was much more her usual character than in later season 2 eps, and the subplot was also comparatively solid. Mr. Lindenson is good for some things, but very bad for others. The scene with his secretary over the intercom and their "code" was great, but him getting injured was kinda stupid (I don't think physical humor works in flash). The comedy was good overall, but there were also some unfortunately slow points.

A few final, random points: Who knew the sausage guy would return in so many different roles (guess he has a strong resume). I would have like to have seen more scenes with Jason and Melissa and not just because they're usually hilarious. Their scenes together usually add a lot of insight (along with a lot of humor) into how Brendan really feels about his weekly conflict. And, finally, Randomguy, I believe the line was, "If you doubt me I will only grow stronger," or something to that effect.

The Condiment King: The first appearance of Arnold Lindenson, Paula's boss. Some people love Arnold and some people hate Arnold. I personally love Arnold and his quirky poorly timed letdowns of Paula. I can see how Arnold can be grating for some people, but some of the best slapstick was Arnold slamming his hand in his car door and locking his keys inside. I noticed that Arnold runs into the same couple from "Law and Boarders".

What makes this episode so great is Brendon and McGuirk's storyline of going to see a dead body coupled with the walk-a-thon. I caught some possible continuity errors with the money though, like how Paula gives Brendon a $50 bill, yet Brendon has several dollars in the can when he leaves with McGuirk as well as the fact that even though he had a single coin left from the change of spending all the money, he only tossed in three rocks to support the Walk-A-Thon. McGuirk getting a mere sausage was hilarious. Who passes down a sausage? McGuirk dumbfounded.

I like how Lynch so flawlessly pulls off the typical teacher who tries to start a rivalry with the other classes in the elementary school over fund raisers. He fits the mold of one of those people who doesn't have much more going on than this grudge that they take so seriously. It seemed like Lynch wanted more an excuse to toss in another $10 bill in their pot than help Brendon out in starting the cause.

Brendon doing a rendition of Arnold Lindenson was funny and strangely closer than he would think to the real deal, especially when he put on the goofy glasses. I didn't catch this the first time, but Paula shakes Brendon's leg and not his hand when he finishes their little staged meeting. That sausage on Paula's made breakfast for Brendon looked alot like McGuirk's uncooked sausage.

The final scene with Jason as a priest (or Jew) is one of my favorite scenes. Its fantastic as Brendon confesses his sins and dies much to the indifference of Jason's character. *****

StrangerAtaru: This one is another one that isn't that good, but isn't that bad either for some reason. I might as well get started on the good stuff, and that would be Paula. For some reason, she was great in her quest to get a raise, as well as putting up with a certain somebody I'll get to later. Brendon wasn't too bad in this episode either, as he learns a valuable lesson about charity. Well, two: never loan McGurk money since he'll never pay it back, and sometimes the homeless just want the money straight and forward, even if some aren't exactly homeless. Of course, he reteaches himself this lesson in his movie (where Jason makes his only appearance this time, but it was a strange cross between funny and freaky). Speaking of McGurk, he really didn't have much to do in this episode even if he is front and center for the main plot. I liked the conversation he has with Brendon about crappy movies, but did feel for him when all he got for an inheritence was a sausage. (a tasty sausage, but a sausage no less) Lynch was another pleasant character in the episode, getting some of the best lines about the Walk-A-Thon obsession (as well as playing off Brendon's and the rest of the class' deficiencies) Unfortunately, there is one more character I need to talk about whom I have been dreading for most of this review: Mr. Lindenson. While it was funny watching Brendon act like a strange guy when Paula was trying her plea on him, I don't like that she basically has Jerry Lewis as her boss. Not literally, but you know what I mean: a goofy weird guy who you think doesn't take things seriously, but really does. And then there was the scary scene with the cast....lets just say that Paula is at her best in this episode for putting up with him. Not much else to say about this episode except: the Walter and Perry madness has begun!

Moreysurf: Identifying a body was a mediocre episode. It had some funny moments but on the whole...not very good. Lindenson is OK. I loved his line "I thought this was a thing...I thought we were doing like a raise-schtick." Also Mcguirk's lines about the sausage being able to go to war and vote, and the whole thing about not going to a movie because people said it was bad. Jason as a Rabbi/Priest was pretty and I enjoyed the flag on his big-wheel that said holy roller. But except for those things listed above...not very funny
I give it a C

The Landstander: There's elements to this episode that work, but even with the above changes of heart, it never worked for me. It has no flow, and has some legitimately unfunny material.

But first, the good. Brendon and McGuirk's odd relationship is brought to the spotlight, maybe for the first time, in the scene on the hood of McGuirk's car. Lynch gives some good material in his obsessive hatred of the fifth graders. And Brendon's play as Lindenson turne out much better than the actual Lindenson.

Now, the problem is that this is among a bunch of oddly flat scenes. Upon rewatching the series I've decided I don't quite like Lindenson here; Kindler is a good comedian, and he works in his own way, but it doesn't fit with the show as a whole. The "jokey" jokes in this episode don't work for me much either; from "ROAD TRIP" to McGuirk's sausage, it didn't quite get a good laugh out of me. Finally, there's barely any Melissa or Jason screentime, which is pretty much always a negative in terms of humor and character.

There's elements I like here, but I always considered this a forgetable episode. A mediocre episode.

.Look everybody we're hugging!