Starboy and The Captain of Outer Space
Episode 210: History

You don’t really need to see it, but Starboy & The Captain of Outer Space are introduced first in Episode 206 – Impressions.

Brendon Small/Dwayne (Mr. Pants)/Perry/Junior Addleburg – Brendon Small
Jason Penopolis/Coach Jon McGuirk/Walter– H. Jon Benjamin
Melissa Robbins – Melissa Bardin Galsky
Paula Small – Janine Ditullo
Mr. Lynch – Ron Lynch
Walter & Perry – H. Jon Benjamin & Brendon Small

Movie: See Brendon’s Filmography.
Real: Brendon is failing history, despite help from his tutor, McGuirk.

· This episode is the first time when the episode focuses more on Brendon’s movie as opposed to his real life.
· Though this isn’t the first Starboy episode, this is THE Starboy episode.
· This episode introduces the anti-character Hot Dog Man.

Lawn Gnomes: (Click for picture)
· There is a lawn gnome located at the front of the Jefferson Space Plane.

And we're going to destroy the human race!

Brendon’s Filmography:
· “Starboy & The Captain of Outer Space” - Starboy (Brendon) and his brother the Captain of Outer Space (Jason) are faced with their biggest challenge as they fight evil historical figures George Washington (Brendon), Pablo Picasso (Jason) and Annie Oakley (Melissa). Things get even worse when Washington unleashes his new killing machine, Mr. Pants (Dwayne) and the hostages, Shakespeare, Oliver Twist and the Mermaid Queen (Walter, Perry and Junior Addleburg, respectively).

The Movie-Episode Connection:
· Brendon is failing history in this episode. Therefore, he makes history the “bad guy” in his movie.

The Plotline Connection: (TheJazzFighter)
· There's one main storyline: Starboy. Brendon fails history, which leads to him making history bad, as stated above, and McGuirk's "tutoring" is clearly shown in "Starboy" that he didn't do a very good job, and Brendon still sucks at it.

I have a feeling you're a bit, preoccupied.

Song Lyrics:
· Starboy Theme (I really am not sure how this song goes at all, if anyone knows, please tell me)
Starboy…and the Captain of Outer Space!
They fight the mighty fight in the night
Downing any evil that’s in sight
They're rascally badgers of medium girth.
They're saving the planet and also the Earth
But beware my heroes of the evil down there…
Of Washington, Picasso and Annie Oakley over there
The three of them are evil and evil are all three, but they…
Want To Destroy It! (But they should not be let) They want to destroy it! (But not allowing them…)
Starboy…and the Captain of Outer Space! (Starboy!)

· Compliments (#1)
Starboy: Well…I’m glad you asked about that thing
Cause what I’d like to do is sing
A song about getting people to do stuff for you
By using Compliments, even if they ain’t true, cause…
You look like you’ve lost some weight, now lick my hands and paint that crate!

Captain: Ok!
Starboy: I got you!
Captain: Oh…
Starboy: See, now you try!
Captain: Alright!
You look great, in that shirt, now help me hem my brand new skirt (Starboy: Okay!)
You have very nice, cheek bones now help me cosign this bank loan

Starboy: Cause a compliment will get you far even if it’s just a lie!
Captain: Cause your skin’s as soft as buttermilk now help me paint my thigh
Both: Cause you gotta compliment, because it’s not complicated
If you want some lemonade you gotta start manipulating
We wish it was different but that’s the way it seems to be
Cause you gotta compliment because that’s what people need!

· Mr. Pants
(Guitar Intro)
I’m Mr. Pants and I’m coming to get ya’
Better run for your life, you better run or I’ll get ya’
I got paws like a cat cause that’s what I am
I’ll throw up on your carpet and scratch up your hands
I 'm the roughest toughest kitty in the land
My name is Mr. Pants I’m the kitty cat man
Nobody’s gonna stop me from having my way
My name is Mr. Pants and have a nice day

I'm Mr. Pants and I'm coming to get ya...

You’ll scream for your life cause you won’t be happy
My name is Mr. Pants and I’m actually kind of grabby
Mr. Pants is my name and I’d like to say hi
Give me a call we’ll hang out some time I’m Mr. Pants!

I’m the furry fella getting in the land
My name is Mr. Pants I’m the kitty cat man
Nobody’s gonna stop me from having my way
My name is Mr. Pants and have a nice day…

Mr. Pants!!!

· “Hot Dog Music” is played when Starboy & The Captain visit the hot dog factory

· Compliments #2
Starboy: Well you’re a pretty kitty
Now take those guys
And put em’ in the box
And tape up the sides

Captain: Now throw them into space
So they stay up there
Cause you’re a pretty kitty
With pretty kitty hair

Both: Meow-Meow-Meow, Me-Me-Meow-Meow, A Kitty-Kitty-Kitty Meow-Meow-Meow, A Wup-Dup-Dup and a little itty-kitty (Oh…)

Game from
This is pretty cool. A game relating to this episode is found on, The Starboy Mutant Hotdog Game. The game isn't very hard (I got through levels 1 and 2 without a problem...though level 3 is a little tough and took a few tries), but it does end in a neat little reenactment of the ending of "Starboy".

Cause you look like you lost some weight now lick my hand and paint that crate!

Random Observations & Facts:
· The Home Movies opening screen is the screen used in the movie as opposed to the usual TV Screen.
· George Washington holds an ax and stands in front of a huge dollar bill.
· Picasso introduces himself in one of his paintings.
· Annie Oakley has apparently been shooting at a Smiley Face.
· There is tape all over the historical figures’ lair.
· Picasso’s ear cutting story is actually a story involving Van Gogh.
· When The Captain of Outer Space says, “Let’s back up a little bit”, both Brendon and Jason literally take a step back.
· During the Starboy Theme, two lines appear near Jason and Brendon: “Brendon Small as Starboy” “Jason Penopolis as the Captain of Outer Space”
· The two villains hit by Starboy are both kids from Brendon’s class.
· Washington’s lair’s sign: “Not an evil lair: Bears Inside! Stay Away!”
· Other pictures on the “Evilness Monitor”: A monster destroying a city, a black hole, a rabbit, a robot with laser eyes, a picture of outer space, and something else I can’t make out.
· The “I” in Evilness Monitor is dotted with a heart.
· Walter & Perry are connected to the line using clothespins. Junior Addleburg lets go of the line, but doesn’t fall off.
· Starboy’s video screen is called “The (Picture of a Star) Monitor”
· During the “Compliments” song, we see Jason’s pants change from normal to a skirt without him changing them.
· Homework on Lynch’s chalkboard:
This Weekend Find:
3 seashells
2 worms
1 jar w/ lid
Dry ice
· Brendon reads a real Starboy & The Captain comic:
Panel #1: Picture of a ship, caption: “Meanwhile, on board the SS Galiant”
Panel #2: Captain: Starboy…there’s a ship materializing off the door (?) now
Panel #3: Starboy: Captain…Get us out of here!
Panel #4: Captain: Right sir…initializing hyper speed now!
Panel #5: The ship takes hyper speed.
· Brendon looks at another page in the comic, but I can’t make out the scene.
· Brendon’s chair says “*Brendon*”
· Brendon flies smoothly on some of the “Starboy” intros, while almost falling on some of the others.
· There is a rubber ducky in the “acid” bath.
· Walter & Perry hold hands as they are slowly dropped into the acid.
· Starboy & The Captain’s visit to the hot dog factory:
Picture #1: Starboy is shaking Hot Dog Man’s hand; they are standing outside of a building that says “Hotdogs”
Picture #2: Hot Dog Man shows Starboy what hot dogs are made of; including Pig nose, mice, skunk tail, poodle, horse & sheep mouth, snakes, baby seals, dolphin fins, cans & tires.
Picture #3: Hot Dog Man smiles on as the Captain eats hot dogs on a conveyor belt and Starboy hangs off of a hook.
Picture #4: Hot Dog Man, Starboy & The Captain give a thumbs-up to the camera.
· You can see the strings holding the ship when it crashes into Washington’s lair.
· The exact same clip of Melissa saying, “Get them Mr. Pants!” is used twice.
· The Captain holds a script that says “Le Cat” when he says, “We’re making a film.”
· Dwayne’s band is in the Mr. Pants ship with him.
· On Lynch’s board towards the end: “Today’s Teacher’s Pet: Melissa*”
· In the final Starboy scene, the globe is the same globe that was broke earlier in the “Starboy Theme” video, except it has been taped back together
· The animators had a little fun with the credits in this one:
Art Director: Aya Master of the 11th Dimension Fukuda
Animators: Mark The Crusher Usher, Dave El Capitan Tata, The Brain Cerasoulo, The Mann-Hoff, The Dee-Vious Dee-Structor, Dave The Overlord Sanangelo, Big Mama Tima, Kaydi Belligerent Terwilliger, Phil “Julie” Andrews, Sailor Uranus


Past Episode References:
· Starboy first premiered in Episode 206 – Impressions.
· “The Compliment Song” was first heard (with different names and by different people) in Episode 205 – The Party and Episode 208 – Therapy.
· In Episode 102 – I Don’t Do Well In Parent Teacher Conferences, Brendon specifically says he doesn’t have any editing equipment. In this episode, he edits his “Starboy” movie. My guess is Andrew bought it for him.
· At one point, Starboy says, “Yes, Capum!” Brendon first said “Capum” while talking to Coach McGuirk in 202 – Identifying A Body

Movie & Other References:
· Annie Oakley’s story is based on the movie/play “Annie”.
Some more fun Annie facts from Tom D.:
"Annie Oakley also had a musical of her own called "Annie Get Your Gun", but I doubt Brendon had even heard of it, since he went with the Little Orphan Annie backstory. "Annie Get Your Gun" was created by the husband-and-wife team Herbert and Dorothy Fields. Betty Hutton, a blond, played Annie in the origanal 1950 movie version. She's been played on TV by Peter Pan's Mary Martin, another blond, and Broadway legend Ethel Merman, a brunette. In recent revivals, she's been played by firey redheads Bernadette Peters and Reba McEntire (not at the same time, of course)."
· Jason calls the ship the Jefferson Space Plane, a reference to “Jefferson Airplane”. (thanks to Lána for the correction)
· The final Washington/Picasso/Oakley shot shows a picture of the trio flying off into outer space. This is a reference to the first Superman movie. (Thanks to Jacob The Hedgehog for reminding me too add this one)

End Credits: “Battling Music”

It looks like we won, eh, Starboy?

Reviews: WARNING: Spoilers

J.C.: I liked it, I really did. I loved the movie, loved Mr. Pants, loved the villains' dialogue, loved the songs. ^^ I wish I'd taped the episode for my sister because she would have really gotten a kick out of the songs. I just wish there'd been a bit more McGuirk, his ideas in the ep were funny. I confess that sometimes I'd like to see more of the movies than the rest of the show, after this one I think I'm set for awhile.

The Condiment King: The second episode involving Starboy and the Captain of Outer Space. This is a unique episode in that I think its the only episode where more of the episode is a movie or a fictional story than the actual Home Movies universe.

The story behind this is downright brillant, that can't be underplayed. Using historical figures out of context for comedy can almost never go wrong. In some ways, the jokes nearly wrote themselves here. In others, not so much (the pope's cousin, Count Popula, a magical monster with pencils for arms). Count Popula is easily one of the best lines of the series. The premise is pretty easy, history disassembled and reassembled incorrectly like a jigsaw puzzle involving George Washington, Picasso, and Annie Oakley. Among other things, this movie has the most characters and its the first one that Walter, Perry, and Addelberg Jr. were in.

This episode also has the best episode Skab performs, being Mr. Pants. Mr. Pants is the most random thing in the world, but it is also hysterical. I'm pretty sure finding out how hot dogs were made was a question asked during "The UPN 5". "I Don't Do Well at Parent-Teacher Conferences", I believe is where Jason asks Brendon and Brendon asks Lynch this. Its great that Starboy and the Captain take time out from their adventure to go to a hot dog factory.

The frame story behind this being that Brendon is failing history. Again, perhaps this is Brendon's real life coming in through his work, in that he is obsessed with failing history. I love McGuirk's even more messed up history answers that he messed with Brendon. This is another very fatherly moment between McGuirk and Brendon giving him this advice so that he knows the important stuff in life. Fantastic episode. *****

Randomguy: Oh good lord, that was TERRIBLE. Sorry, but that's my least favorite HM episode ever. It was the first to actually dedicate more screen time to Brendan's movie than the real world (about a 3:1 ratio or so), which isn't a bad idea, but the movie wasn't funny enough to hold up that much time. Brendan's films work best when they're short segments that hold up the rest of the episode, not the other way around. There wasn't much plot, no screen time for the regulars (though McGuirk and Paula did get in a good line or two), and Brendan's movie was jarringly overproduced. Did anybody else here notice that it was full of studio caliber special effects? There were enormous backdrops and laser effects and editing which is damn near well impossible without professional equipment. It didn't jive with the under budget crappy look of most of Brendan's films. Anyway, just a way boring episode overall, with a paper-thin premise and sub-par humor. I don't know if it was just that I was watching Denis Leary's "The Job" beforehand (which happens to be the best and funniest show on television right now), but this episode just didn't seem up to HM standards. I give it a D.

Shnay: I really fail to see how this could be considered the "BEST HM EPISODE EVER" by any stretch of the imagination. I came to this board expecting people to be relentless in their reviews of this episode, and I find that most of the people love it. I'm going to give my argument about why this show was the weakest Home Movies episode yet, and I have yet to hear a convincing argument that says otherwise, so if you disagree, please tell me why.

Home Movies has never placed its focus solely upon Brendan's movies. This episode was driven only by his movie, which added nothing to any of the characters, and failed comically. One of the reasons that his movies normally work is that we get to see the interactions between Brendan, Melissa, and Jason. We see confrontations, complications, confusion, and sometimes, disappointment. The movies work to develop the characters as well as providing comedy that is different from the main story.

Now, I'm not saying all humor has to be character driven or that it has to make sense. I love The Brak Show and ATHF, but they both don't use one strange joke over a half an hour show. The comedy in Brendan’s movies, which is usually different from the comedy when he is interacting with adults, is best in short, focused increments.

But, in theory, one of his movies could be the focus of a show, if it was good enough. This one was not. The Starboy movie was weak to begin with, and was only saved by the scene with the band. So, they chose to extend this into a near half hour show, making something that wasn't that great to begin with even worse by extending it for so long.

Also, without the cheap production values, the movie loses its charm. Yes, the graphics and sound effects were cheesy, but there is no way that Brendon should be making movies using an editing machine.

And finally, as I said before, some of the best parts of his movies are seeing what goes into them, not the final product. We didn't see any of the other characters discussing this "odd" project, which left the movie with an "empty" feel.

I would have been kinder in my review, but I just can't stand by idly while people call this the best episode ever. I'm all for expressing opinions, so if someone wants to dispute this, please be my guest.

StrangerAtaru: Before I begin this review, I would like to say that I had known about Starboy before this infamous (and hilarious) episode ever aired on CN. Over at "Adult", there is a fun, but pointless, game called "Starboy and the Attack of the Mutant Hotdogs". While it was pretty easy to beat, it introduced me to the weird random world of this character, as well as the kick-butt music, long before this episode aired. (in fact, when I first saw the preview for "Impressions" during the first run of the second season, I thought THAT was the Starboy episode. I was that enthusiastic to see him by then)

As for the episode itself, this is the movie by which all of the other movies on this show have to equate to, both in volume and sheer insanity! Who else but Brendon would think of something so random as George Washington (killer of Abe Lincoln), Pablo Picasso (who chopped off his ear) and Annie Oakley (raised by Daddy Warbucks) being evil and wanting to destroy the human race? And that's just the tip of the iceburg: "Starboy and the Captain of Outer Space" is the ultimate "Ed Wood" movie that he never made. Where else would all action leading to the rescuing of certain historical figures (sort of, considering I never heard of the Mermaid Queen), just freeze to hear a song about giving compliments? (which has a hilarious thing in itself in when the scene changes to the "musical" one, you can see the basement for a split second) Who else would use cardboard for monitors and leave tape all over the sets? (probably to hold them up) Where else would the ultimate evil weapon be an insane singing cat named "Mr. Pants"? What other show would just drop everything they are doing just to visit a hot dog factory? It's just so insane that many can't help but laugh at both it's insanity and it's poor quality! Besides, this movie makes fun of everything from "Star Trek" (Brendon reminded me a lot of Shatner) to "Superman" (both the "hula hoop locking rings" and the "Polaroid prison") to Jefferson Starship? (note the name of the spaceship Starboy flies)

With all the talk about "Starboy", many seem to forget, though, that there is a lot of hilarious things going on in the real world as well. For starters, the whole movie is obviously linked to Brendon's troubles on history assignments for Lynch. This is perhaps one of Lynch's best performance in the series, as we are forced to see his reactions and methods of trying to get Brendon to learn this stuff he doesn't want to study. (just watching Lynch read off Brendon's "answers" to questions he even put in his movie, albeit wrong, makes them sound funnier) This also sort of parodies typical "study" episodes of many "realistic" shows where the main character is failing something, and ends up studying to get a better grade. (but in this show, things don't go as they plan in the end...) McGurk too has a great episode, acting in his "mentor" mode again considering he is also Brendon's history tutor. (well, on all things Area 52) One of the strangest, yet funniest, scenes in the episode is when McGurk realizes Brendon is seeing Lynch for help, turning the whole thing into something more like a romantic situation involving "another woman" and making it more preposterous. Finally, there is the small, but important role for Paula, who as the parent wants her son to succeed, but realizes at her end that Brendon isn't doing anything to pass history. And the best thing about her: she gets to have the last word in the episode! Overall, it may still be an episode some love and others hate, but I love it!

The Landstander: Home Movies can work (usually) as a subtle character show or, as seen in this episode, gag based insanity. Focusing mainly on Brendon's movie with only sections of his real life becoming involved, this episode can be a bit disarming. It's a concept that only works if the movie would be funny on its own. Luckily, it is.

First, in terms of real life, I think the connections work better than you might think. The high production values on "Starboy" work nicely into the fact that Brendon hasn't been focusing on his homework, as does Lynch's complaining and McGuirk's tutoring sessions. Some of the elements of Starboy are a bit much for what is essentially three kids in a basement, but it never gets into "completely unbelievable" territory (of course, by season 4, they don't really seem to care about that part anyway).

Now, the movie takes up the episode, and legitimately works on its own terms. The in-character play between Jason and Brendon is different than their usual stuff, but it works. As do gags such as going to the hot dog factory, the Compliments song, Mr. Pants, historical figures as villians, and so on. The only real problem is that, because of the format of the gags, the rewatchability is a bit down.

Still, I thought History was hysterical (no pun intended) the first time I saw it, which is what they were aiming for, here. Highly Recommended.