Name: Fenton Muley
Voice: Sam Seder

Though not well liked by any person, Fenton is defiantly himself at school. Privately a mama's boy of Norman Bates level and publicly annoying of Fenton Mulley level, Fenton seems to be something to deal with for just about everyone. However it seems whenever Fenton is a bit too annoying, he gets his comeuppance in the end.

Major Episodes:
The Party - Episode centers around his birthday party
Shore Leave - Brendon sleeps over his house for the weekend
Renaissance - On the Sci-Fi side in the Sci-Fi vs. Medieval battle
Heart Smashers - Brendon breaks up with him after he does a bad job in a role.
Focus Grill - Brendon's biggest critic on the focus group

The Party
Class Trip
Writer's Block
Shore Leave
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Heart Smashers
Cho and the Adventures of Amy Lee
Bye Bye Greasy
Focus Grill