2-23-05: Sorry for not updating in awhile. Lack of news and computer problems. But there is some new stuff:

First, the season 2 release date has been pushed back to May 31st. Still no word on 3 or 4.

Second, some special features info: Brendon is doing some kind of interview thing with as many HM guest actors as possible (he included: Ron Lynch (Mr. Lynch), Andy Kindler (Mr. Lindenson), David Cross (one or two small roles), Laura Silverman (once again, a few small roles), Janine Ditullio (Paula Small), Jonathan Katz (Erik Robbins), and Eugene Mirman (Eugene, the Russian kid). I have it on good authority it'll either be really good or suck.

Third, Brendon is also 'working' on two shows that might one day become something maybe: "Deathclock" for Cartoon Network, and "The Barbarian Chronicles" on Sci-Fi. Oh, and something for Fox.

That's it. =(

2-26-05: The winner of the Season 2 DVD short contest has been announced; congrats to Andrew Ford for the epic "Moby Dick: A Whale's Tale in 2 Minutes".

View the winning movie here and the full list of finalists here.