2-05-04: For the record, I'm still alive with the site. HM continues, and the capsule for last Sunday can be seen already: "Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion". "The Heart Smashers" capsule is still in production...probably taking so long since I really didn't enjoy the episode. Also, new episode titles are availible until the end of season 4.

2-11-04: "The Wizard's Baker" is up. Enjoy.

Also, I will try to get "The Heart Smashers" up soon...computer issues. =\

Also, since people keep asking about, I made a crappy Merchandise page. =D

2-17-04: New soundclip of the week...this time, something a little different. It's a fan song based on 'Jason's Theme' which has appeared in a few episodes. Thanks to DantthR for this. (I didn't listen to it so it might suck =P )

Also, HM's ratings still aren't very good, as evidenced by the weekly top 3 ratings on Adult Swim. Meh. =\

2-19-04: New episode descriptions (see the bottom of the page) up, which will finish out the season. =)

Capsule for the new episode soon maybe probably possibly.

2-23-04: Day over a week. Sorry. "Psycho Delicate" Short capsule, not that much to really write in. Makes sense considering the type of episode it was.

2-25-04: ...I had some news here awhile ago...

Forget it. Despite all evidence, I guess not. My apologies.