2-01-03: The Party: "The Party" and "Impressions" is up. So is "Dad" and "Therapy".

2-02-03: Stow-A-Way: I changed the front page of this site to a nice Starboy & The Captain of Outer Space picture. The good people at the unofficial Adult Swim website were nice enough to link me (check links section for a link), and I put up "Class Trip" and "History".

2-03-03: Writer's Block: "Writer's Block" is up, and I updated some of the old episode with some new reviews. Plus, my site hit the 50+ unique visitors in one day mark! Considering I'm not on Google yet, that's pretty good.

2-04-03: Pizza Club: "Pizza Club" is up.

2-06-03: Politics: A little link makes a big difference. Thanks to a link on The Unoffical Adult Swim fan page (check links section for a link), my unique visitors doubled, almost reaching 100 (I realize that isn't a lot, but still...). Anywho, I put up "The Wedding" and I'll put up Shore Leave if I can finish it before Futurama comes on.

2-07-03: Mortgages and Marbles: If I don't fall asleep, I'll be putting up a bunch of new episode capsules tonight, with any luck I'll get up to Four's Company. No matter what, here's "Shore Leave" and "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do".

2-08-03: Time To Pay The Price: I fell asleep. Anyway, I'll probably put up a bunch later tonight (at like 3 AM). Right now, here's "Bad Influences" and "Sensitivity".

2-09-03: Time To Pay The Price: After putting it off all day, I finally put up the episodes I did last night: "Four's Company", "Renaissance", and "My Cheatin' Heart". Enjoy!

2-10-03: Hiatus: Ok, slight problem. I forgot to back up the last 5 episodes of season 3, so I won't be updating until they finish. Knowing the speeds of DAP, that might take awhile. I'll probably start working on the Show section until then (if I can think of anything to put in there).

2-12-03: Class Trip: Well, that was fast. I got all those episodes downloaded and with any luck will have all of them up soon. I had a snow day today, so I was able to finish "Guitarmageddon". I might do another one later in the day. Once I finish with the "Episodes" portion of the site, I'll probably put something up in the "Show" section. Not exactly sure what, yet, but I'll put something. Later: "Storm Warning" is up. Later: "Time To Pay The Price" is up.

2-13-03: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Bad news today, in that the Slapstick Barbarian Project closed down. The sound files are still there, but the actual site is down. This was one of the few decent Home Movies sites out there, and it's a shame to see it go. But the good news is Pathetic put a link to my website in her farewell speech :-)

Also, the other good Home Movies website, Mortgages and Marbles has some good puzzles up (at the off-chance you didn't find this site off of the link on there).

Anyways, I'll probably do the last two capsules tonight, and I'll put them up either tonight or tommorow.

2-14-03: Guitarmageddon: First off, the Slapstick Barbarian Project is back after a one day leave. Second off, "Broken Dreams" and "Stow A Way" are up. Third off, with those two capsules, that brings the Episode portion of this site up to date with every aired episode so far. Fourth off, I went back and edited some of the smaller problems in induvidual episode capsules. Fifth off, I still have no good ideas for anything to put in the "Show" section of the site, so somebody please E-Mail Me something. Anything.

2-15-03: Director's Cut: I added something to the show section. A schedule. Yay. I might do character bios...or I might not. If I get any other good ideas, I might put them there. Otherwise, this is "The Capsule Site".

Alright, I put up the first character bio, Brendon. Keep in mind this is not done yet, but this should be the basic format for each character. When all else fails, just make a bunch of pictures for it to look good.

2-16-03: My Cheatin' Heart: I put up one audio download, The Season Three Theme. I don't plan on making many audio clips (since thats what Slapstick is for) but I just wanted to learn how to do it and make it work on my site.

2-17-03: Poltics: Think Big, Vote Small. Brendon Small. The latest Delaney Poll thread at Toonzone has Brendon Small as one of the options. VOTE FOR HIM! NOW!

Here is the link.

If you don't have a Toonzone name, take 5 minutes and get one. Then vote. BRENDON MUST WIN!

2-18-03: Politics: Brendon is currently in the lead at the moment in the Delaney Poll, so take 5 minutes of your life and vote. It's good karma. Link is in the past update.

2-19-03: Politics: Vegeta is apparently making a comeback...he must be thwarted...so take a few minutes of your precious life and Vote For Brendon!

Anyways, I added a few neat new links today...first, the site of a comedy show done by H. Jon Benjamin (among other popular comedians/Home Movies stars). And also I added a link to a list of radio shows where I guess H. Jon Benjamin is a frequent guest...but I haven't taken the time to check them for which ones except for "Yankees vs. Mets" at the bottom of the page. Though the site hasn't been updated in long time, this is still one of the better Home Movies Sites I have seen out there. Flash intro and everything.

Oh, and for the record, if you want to use one of my pictures for your avatar/buddy icon/what have you, go ahead. :-)

2-22-03: The Art of the Sucker Punch: Brendon wins the Delaney Poll! Yea! Expect a sketch sometime next week.

I added in the reviews for this week's episodes and added Pabcool to the reviewers list.

Also, there's another potential Home Movies site out there, www.fentonsnakedmom.tk. Nothing yet, but there will be someday.

In indirect Home Movies news, Family Guy (the old FOX show) was picked up by Cartoon Network and will be airing in April. Most likely, Family Guy will be taking Home Movies' 11:30 timeslot, and Home Movies will be either air only on Sunday (most likely) or will be pushed back to 12:00 (not as likely).

2-24-03: Renaissance: Probably should've mentioned this awhile ago, but Home Movies has been picked up for a fourth season and the new episodes are scheduled to come in Fall 2003. I'd expect September.

2-26-03: History: The John Delaney sketch I've been talking about has been officially...um...sketched. Click here to check it out.