The suspense was suspenseful, and the comedy was funny...
Episode 401: Everyone’s Entitled To My Opinion

Brendon Small/Walter – Brendon Small
Jason Penopolis/Coach Jon McGuirk/Perry – H. Jon Benjamin
Melissa Robbins – Melissa Bardin Galsky
Paula Small – Janine Ditullo
Josie Small – Loren Bouchard
Mr. Lynch – Ronald Lynch

Synopsis: Brendon takes up writing internet reviews, neglecting his latest movie in the process. Lynch is declared Interim Principal, a fact which McGuirk exploits immediately.

If I do anything wrong, you will rub my head.

· This episode is the first episode of season 4.
· Adult Swim pushed the premiere of HM season 4 back by two months, from November 2003 to January 2004. However, contractual obligations forced Adult Swim to play one season 4 HM episode in 2003. Therefore, this episode originally stealth premiered (unannounced) at 3 AM on November 11th, 2003 (for both contractual reasons and to please HM fanboys).

Lawn Gnomes (click for picture):
· The Chemistry class has a Lawn Gnome in a jar.

Brendon’s Filmography:
· “O’Pinion Where Art Thou?” – A psychiatrist is baffled when she meets a man without any opinions.

The Movie-Episode Connection:
· The episode focuses on Brendon giving his opinions to a movie website; the movie is about a man with no opinions.

They found a to a BODY!

Brendon’s Reviews/Movie Credits (big thanks to ‘Q Buckley’ for transcribing these [so I wouldn’t have to =P ])

· Email (with misspellings):
Dear weiner or
So in conclusion. Yes, yes I know it's a funny way to start a review, but as far as I'm concerned there's no arguement.
Helium Buffon is a funny, smart, clever, hilarious, feel good, high-energy, tear-jerker, that taked you on a crazy edge of your seat ride through the world of balloon delivery guys and turns it into a crazy world of "buffon" delivery guys when Jeb suddenly has to take over the business.

· Website Front Page:

"House Videos" is the greatest! The images on the celluloid are a gift from the aliens who spawned us humans! Hey everyone I also play guitar and I'll be performing this Monday at the Snack Shack. C U there!

In my opinion I felt that SEARCHING FOR ZEMO was too cartoonish for an animated film. I mean things happened that defied logic and physics. I don't think I'm too uptight here people. Just because it's a "cartoon" it doesn't give it license to be a "cartoon".

So in conclusion... The Maytrekks: Unleaded was like a chocolate donut with sprinkles... looks tasty but oh, so hollow. Skip the donut and go back for seconds with XXXmen 2! I also checked out THE BULK this weekend and I gotta tell ya... I got angry and green during this incredible flop!

· Spoken #1:
The suspense was suspenseful and the comedy was funny, but Movie Guy says, read the book instead - the phone book that is - because it has less characters than this movie. I mean, what is it with these English

· Spoken #2:
Alone At the Top, is the story of a love triangle among a circle of friends and two best friends torn apart by success and failure and jealously and success.

[This part was just typed, not spoken] The on screen sex was hot.
It tingled my prebubescent loins like guppies in a hot

· Spoken #3:
Movie Guy says it's a winner. But leave before the ending because it was too scary...

· Credits of “All That Violence” (many names were based on the names of crew members; if so, I’ll put it in parenthesis on the right):
Written and Directed by
Ken Adelberg

the Messiah - Aya Fukuda (Art Director)
Davio - Johnny Deep
Pops - Tanny TeVito
Dr. Wrong - Tom Cooze
Agent K.D. Terwillger - Penelope Cooze
Miss Jamielyn - Drew Scarymore
Detective Phil Burger - Queefer Sutherland
Jack "Cadillac" Ferraiolo - Vin Weasel
Sugar Booger - Queen Latimah
Kim O'Neil - Herself

Dr. Wong's Disco Death Squad
Amanda Lattrell (Animator)
Justin Simonich (Animator)
Philip Julie Andrews
Dave Tata (Animator)

Nude stunt doubles
David SanAngelo (Storyboarder, Animator)
Alan Foreman (Animator)

Random Observations & Facts:
· is indeed a real site.
· Melissa is making a crown of flowers during the soccer game.
· McGuirk uses the soccer ball as a seat as he drinks Spaz Cola.
· Front Page of MovieWeinerOrWinner:
This weeks winner: Fluffy Attack
This weeks wiener: Something Else
· Brendon reads a book in Chemistry class: “World’s Hardest Questions”
· Wires can be seen hanging out of McGuirk’s car.
· Lynch’s door has the name “Lynch” taped over the name “Plum”, and Shannon writes “Interim” above “Principal”.
· Poster in Lynch’s office: “Kitty Power”
· Melissa’s “new earring” in the movie has Christmas tree lights around it.
· Brendon’s check comes from the Happy Joy Joy Bank, and is for a “Fein Review”.
· The “All That Violence” press pass features a woman dancing on a tank.
· McGuirk’s keg has the word “Lemonade” badly taped over the label “Black Hole Brew”.
· McGuirk rubs himself with Crispo Shortening.
· Lynch wears kitty underwear.
· Tow truck Tina wears “assless” pants.

Past Episode References:
· The picture of Albert Einstein first seen in “Broken Dreams” is on the wall in the Chemistry Class.
· Lynch’s “Kitty” costume can be seen in a glass container in his office.


Movie & Other References:
· Jason and Melissa's therapy sessions in the movie are shot exactly like the therapy sessions in "The Sopranos". Jason is dressed as Tony and Melissa is dressed as Dr. Melfi. Here's a comparison.
· The name "O' Pinion Where Art Thou" is a reference to the Coen Brothers "O Brother, Where Art Thou?".
· One of the reviewers on is called “Joeynice”. Joeynice was the username of a hardcore Home Movies fan who often praised the show on several EZBoards throughout the web, particularly in the early days of the show. "Landstander" was not mentioned. >=(
· The Hot Dog Guy is quickly spliced into the ending credits of “All That Violence”, a la Brad Pitt’s splicing of ‘similar’ images in “Fight Club.
· The credits of “All That Violence” feature many celebrity name parodies

End Credits: Brendon, Jason and Melissa finish their movie/Lynch is in Principal Monthly

Under where?


Jaguar: dubba-u dubba-u dubba-u dot This episode ruled dot com. I had a little personal mixup when the ep was stealthed, so I missed it, but I was glad to see it when it re-aired...albeit months later. The basic plot was good-- I had always wanted to see Brendon as a critic. The subplot with McGuirk and Lynch was golden. The Tow Truck Tina bit was hilarious.
Melissa's starting to turn into more of a really loud, dynamic character, IMO (not that she wasn't already, but moreso now.) The 'www' thing was close to overdone, but it was still funny. The ending was pretty good as well, and overall, I give this ep an A-.

Fone Bone: This was great. I just discovered Home Movies recently, and have become a fan very quickly. I love Brenden, Jason, and Melissa's arguments. They're so non-linear it's surreal. Coach McGuirk trying to get Lynch to abuse his power was funny. "I don't drink soda!" Paula and Brenden always have great moments together. "When I make a mistake you just pat my head and... Ow! Ow! Ow!" They seem more like great friends than mother and son. But at least Brenden's cool enough to appreciate it. Walter and Perry? They're my favorites, which is cool because there really isn't a character on the show I dislike.

KBlueBig: Absolutely histerical. Best episode this season, so far. So pissed that I missed it in Nov . but I'm glad I saw it last night. I love jokes like the whole WWW discussions. Thats what makes Home Movies funny, IMO.

To just love stupid, pointless arguments like that especially when you realize they are supposed to be only 8 yrs old.

Jason is starting to grow on me the more he becomes confident, telling Brendon what he doesn't like, standing up for himself. And the Wedgie, wouldn't you have fired McGurk ?

I give to a 4.5 out of 5. Not perfect but close.

Spectre: Woo, haven't been on here for a long time. Well, if there's a new HM episode, you can expect me to be on here.

There are two things that I should mention beforehand -- 1.) I was extremely tired while watching this episode. 2.) I was (and still am) incredibly sick while watching this episode.

I know I should probably view it another day when I'm feeling better, but whatevs. I was kind of underwhelmed by the episode, generally. I'm sure jokes were flying over my head constantly (me being in the worst state possible), but those that did stick weren't particularly funny to me or anything, save for a few. McGuirk was featured quite a lot in this episode. He was pretty funny. And I love, of course, the whole thing (Melissa: "You don't have to say w-w-w"). The little amount that Paula was featured was really good.

But... I dunno. Expect a completely revised review next time I catch this episode (again, in a much better state). Unless I have the same unfortunate opinion. Blah. B-

Colin Knoph: Well, this was a really good episode. It wasn't the best season premiere, but it was entertaining. My favorite scene was when Brendon, Jason and Melissa were waiting for McGuirk and they were talking about elk and drunk teenagers.
The main story about Brendon was really funny. I loved how Melissa couldn't stand them saying "www.". One problem was there was barely any Paula in the story and no information about Andrew and Linda's baby. The McGuirk and Lynch story was a little dull, but most of McGuirk's dialouge was funny.
All in all, it was very good. It is no "Shore Leave" or "The Art Of The Sucker Punch". But it was a great episode to help us wait for the new episodes in January. I give this episode an A-. Not perfect, but very entertaining.

The Landstander: Not too many reviews, given the original airing was out of place. Still, an all around good episode, and a nice start to season 4.

Brendon starts writing reviews for a movie website, and subsequently stops paying attention to his own movies. But that's actually worth discussing, as season 4 seems to have a running theme which took me a rewatch to notice. Brendon is, very often, getting frustrated/bored with/annoyed by his own movies, and seems to want to move on to different things. This will come up a lot in season 4, actually, and this being the first episode it's a good start to that arc.

Nonetheless, the actual movie here was pretty damn funny. Beyond the take on "The Sopranos" (which I highly enjoyed), there was Brendon's Irish accent, a good ending and ELK. Even Paula had a few nice scenes, including that great "Did you find my checks?!" bit. The plot was pretty loose on Brendon's side, which is much more season one in style.

McGuirk's plot, however, was pretty season four in style. Lynch gets to be interim principal, and McGuirk subsequently wreaks havoc. Some of it was legitimately very funny (I've rigged the soda machine), and I liked when the two plots connected with Lynch and Brendon on the monkey bars. But other McGuirk scenes came off as a bit too much. And what the hell was that Tow-Truck Tina thing?

A funny episode to start off the season. Recommended.

Do you like ELK?!!