Name: Erik Robbins
Voice: Jonathan Katz

A real estate agent/businessman with an odd sense of humor, Erik Robbins is Melissa's father and a friend to anyone willing to laugh at his jokes. Because of his job, the Robins are much better off than the Smalls, though he suspects that his divorce might've had some odd effects on his daughter. Still, they have a pretty good relationship.

Major Episodes:
Get Away From My Mom - First episode.
Mortgages & Marbles - Goes house-hunting with McGuirk.
Business & Pleasure - Helps Paula find a job.
Four's Company - Meets up with McGuirk, Lynch, and Paula for dinner. Or that's the plan.
Curses - Finds a new girlfriend at a class.

Appears In:
Get Away From My Mom
It Was Supposed To Be Funny
Life Through a Fish Eye Lens
Mortgages & Marbles
Brendon's Choice
Business & Pleasure
Shore Leave
Four's Company