Voices: Various
Music by Brendon Small

Dwayne's friends, who make up his band. Apparently had a falling out at one point, as chronicled in "Pizza Club". Since then, the band members have remained consistant. Though often in the background, the band members don't speak until "Impressions". And don't say anything after.

Director's Cut - Lead actors/singers of the Franz Kafka Opera
Mortgages & Marbles - Sing "Don't Put Marbles In Your Nose"
Law & Boarders - Sing "Don't Kill Children"
Hiatus - Work with Cynthia on new dance moves
Impressions - Give Brendon advice on how to make his new Starboy movie (only episode where any band member speaks)
History - In the "Mr. Pants" video
Pizza Club - Play in the "Battling of the Bands"
Renaissance - Sing"The Trilogy of King Arthur and Robin Hood" at the Renaissance Fair
Camp - Play the "Welcome to Hell" song