12-10-04: Merry Christmas from Brendon. His gift: An overly long monologue and a song to boot!

12-15-04: Season 2 of HM will be coming on June 10th 2005 according to BrendonSmall.com.

"i just got off the phone with SHOUTFATCTORY (the H. Movies
DVD distributer) and found out that HM season 2 will be available
June 10th 2005! It's gonna be awesome!"

Also, I e-mailed Brendon and asked about Seasons 3 & 4 as well as how the sales of season one were. Apparently no one is certain what's going on with seasons 3/4 yet, but Shout! Factory "seemed very happy" about season one sales.

12-16-04: As corrected by TVShowsOnDVD, HM Season 2 will actually be coming out May 10th of next year, not June 10th (which makes more sense since June 10th is a Friday). Even better.