12-30-03: Long Time No See: Heeeeeeeeeey. Been awhile, huh? Lack of HM related news, compiled with other things have left this place unupdated for awhile. Oh well. =P

Well, new Home Movies are starting soon! A reminder to all that HM will make its triumphant return with "Camp Campingston Falls" on January 11th, featuring the (awesome) band They Might Be Giants. =D

Also, in related news, DAP Central (I won't state what they were, but if you care you probably know already) has stopped carrying HM. Not much more to say, other than they will be missed (and will make this site a tad harder to do). =(

12-11-03: New episode airdates. Awwwwwww yeah.

Jan. 11 - Camp
Jan. 18 - Bye Bye Greasy
Jan. 25 - Heart Smashers
Feb. 1 - Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion
Feb. 8 - The Wizard's Baker
Feb. 15 - Psycho-Delicate
Feb. 22 - Curses
Feb. 29 - Honkey Magoo
March 7 - Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me
March 14 - Cho and the Adventures of Amy Lee