Season Four

Release Date: May 16th, 2006
Price: $35 (this is the list price; you can probably find it cheaper somewhere)
Discs: 3
Distributed through Shout! Factory.

Disc 1:

1: Bouchard/Small
2: Modest Mouse
Bye Bye Greasy:
1: Bouchard/Small/Ron Lynch
2: Benjamin/Galsky/Eugene Mirman/Bouchard
3: Bill Braudis/Jack Ferraiolo/Superfan Keith Law
The Heart Smashers:
1: Bouchard/Small/Lynch
2: Benjamin/Galsky/Sam Seder
Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion:
1: Bouchard/Small/Lynch
2: Fans from "The Onion"

Special Features:
- Animatics: "Camp"
- The Beginning of the Genesis of the Origins of Home Movies: The Very First Sessions with Loren Bouchard (discusses the very first time the actors went into the booth)
- Easter Eggs:
1: Click on the Gnome Cookie to hear the long, unedited session discussed in the special feature. First time Small and Benjamin went into the booth in 1998. 32 minutes in leng

Disc 2:

The Wizard's Baker:
1: Bouchard/Small
2: Benjamin/Galsky/Sam Seder/Eugene Mirman
1: Bouchard/Small
2: Benjamin/Galsky/Todd Barry
3: "The Onion" Staff

1 : Bouchard/Small
Honkey Magoo:
1: Bouchard/Small

Special Features:
- Audio Outtakes Jukebox
- Animatics: "The Wizard's Baker"

Disc 3:

Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me:
1: Bouchard/Small
2: Bill Braudis/Keith Ferraiolo/Superfan Keith Law
Cho & the Adventures of Amy Lee:
1: Bouchard/Small
Definite Possible Murder:
1: Bouchard/Small
Temporary Blindness:
1: Bouchard/Small
2: The Shins
Focus Grill:
1: Bouchard/Small
2: Benjamin/Galsky/Eugene Mirman/Bouchard/Small

Special Features:
- Animatic: "Those Bitches Tried To Cheat Me"

This disc also comes with a bonus Soundtrack CD, with music from all 4 seasons.

Generally speaking, the Small/Bouchard commentaries are more informative, the larger cast ones are just funny, and the other ones are of varying interest level.