Episode Capsules

Here is where you will find every factoid of information you could ever want to know about any episode of Home Movies ever.

Season 1

  • Get Away From My Mom - McGuirk goes out on a date with Paula, despite Brendon's objections.
    Original Airdate: April 26th, 1999
  • I Don't Do Well In Parent-Teacher Conferences - After a rather bad speech, Paula is called into Brendon's school for a parent-teacher conference.
    Original Airdate: May 3rd, 1999
  • The Art of the Sucker Punch - Local bully Shannon beats up Jason, and Brendon vows revenge.
    Original Airdate: May 10th, 1999
  • Brendon Gets Rabies - Paula is taking care of the neighbor's cat, but it runs away.
    Original Airdate: May 17th, 1999
  • We'll Always Have Tuesday - During a camping trip, Brendon meets a new friend, Loni. Melissa & Jason consider her the Yoko of the group, while her old boyfriend Mitch still seems interested. Oh, and McGuirk drinks pee.
    Original Airdate: May 24th, 1999
  • Director's Cut - Dwayne writes a rock opera based on Franz Kafka's "Metamorphisis". Though Melissa & Jason love the project, Brendon favors his own movie, "Louis Louis". McGuirk has to deal with new assistant coach Andrew.
    Original Airdate: September 2nd, 2001
  • It Was Supposed To Be Funny - Brendon is asked to make a documentary about Melissa's grandfather, but ends up just making fun of him.
    Original Airdate: September 9th, 2001
  • Method of Acting - Brendon takes acting classes until he is kicked out of the class.
    Original Airdate: September 16th, 2001
  • Life Through A Fish Eye Lens - Brendon needs a fish-eye lens to make his films better, but it doesn't fit in with Paula's newfound money problems.
    Original Airdate: September 23rd, 2001
  • School Nurse - There's a new nurse at school. McGuirk "welcomes her to the neighborhood", Jason thinks he's in love and Brendon doesn't like the fact she can spot fakers.
    Original Airdate: September 30th, 2001
  • Mortgages And Marbles - McGuirk wants to buy a house and seeks Erik's help. Brendon wants to teach Josie by making an educational video about the dangers of putting marbles up your nose.
    Original Airdate: September 30th, 2001
  • Law And Boarder - Brendon is hit by a car, and he might get punished for it. Paula's friend Stephanie is in town to make things worse.
    Original Airdate: October 7th, 2001
  • Brendon's Choice - Brendon wins the "Young Director of the Year" award and is interviewed by the local news station. Things get complicated when the journalist asks about Brendon's father...meanwhile, McGuirk is forced to take anger management therapy.
    Original Airdate: October 7th, 2001

Season 2

  • Politics - Brendon successfully runs for class president, but his connections to Shannon might be his downfall. Paula gets flowers from her class. McGuirk tries out stand-up comedy.
    Original Airdate: January 6th, 2002
  • Identifying A Body - Brendon tries to gain money for Lynch's walkathon to help the homeless, but ends up spending it on a trip with McGuirk to identify a body. Paula asks her weird boss, Mr. Lindenson, for a raise.
    Original Airdate: January 13th, 2002
  • Hiatus - After a particularly bad film, Brendon, Melissa and Jason decide to take a hiatus from films. Melissa is bored; Jason hangs out with Walter & Perry; and Brendon meets a new friend, Cynthia, at Dwayne's. Lindenson has some bad news for Paula. McGuirk tries to convince Lynch to go to Mexico with him, but Lynch has a couple of conditions.
    Original Airdate: Janurary 20th, 2002
  • Business & Pleasure - Jason invites Brendon for a sleepover; but Brendon leaves when Jason starts discussing the movies. Then things just start to get weird...McGuirk thinks Brendon is on drugs and makes him clean up after his dog, Mr. Freckles. Paula seeks Erik's help in finding a new job.
    Original Airdate: January 27th, 2002
  • The Party - It's Fenton Muley's birthday! Brendon makes a video tribute, Jason has a little too much soda and candy, McGuirk ends up going for lack of anything else to do, and Walter & Perry...well, they have fun.
    Original Airdate: February 3rd, 2002
  • Impressions - Brendon lies to Cynthia, Paula lies to a temp company, McGuirk lies to an old high school girlfriend...things don't work out for anyone in the end.
    Original Airdate: February 10th, 2002
  • Dad - In the conclusion to Brendon's choice, Brendon finally gets to meet his dad, Andrew. Though Andrew and Brendon get along well rather quickly, things aren't exactly the same with Brendon and Andrew's girlfriend Linda. McGuirk decides to become a big brother after he spends some time with a challenged kid named Eddie.
    Original Airdate: February 17th, 2002
  • Therapy - In an attempt to fix problems, Brendon, Linda & Andrew start attending group therapy. Paula spends most of the episode reacting to the news of Andrew's marraige. McGuirk has gingivitus.
    Original Airdate: February 24th, 2002
  • Class Trip - Brendon's class is going on a field trip to a hotel. Brendon, Jason and Melissa sneak away to shoot a movie. Paula tries to keep her sanity as a chaperone. Next door at the coffee shop, McGuirk has gotten a job under the name Brendon Small.
    Original Airdate: March 3rd, 2002
  • History - Starboy episode. Nuff' said.
    Original Airdate: March 10th, 2002
  • Writer's Block - Brendon has a bad case of writer's block, just a few days before the big writer's fair at the school. McGuirk has a rather bad case of insomnia. Paula is writing a romance novel.
    Original Airdate: March 17th, 2002
  • Pizza Club - Brendon and Andrew start a club based on fondness of pizza, but McGuirk apparently wants a membership. Paula might be interested in working in Brendon's films.
    Original Airdate: March 24th, 2002
  • The Wedding - Andrew is marrying Linda. Brendon gets a rash that gets gradually worse. McGuirk meets up with Stephanie. Paula tries to get flowers for the wedding, but ends up getting a message from Lindenson. And Walter & Perry...just watch the episode and see for yourself.
    Original Airdate: March 31st, 2002

Season 3

  • Shore Leave - Brendon is forced to stay the weekend at Fenton's, while Melissa is forced to spend the weekend at the Fairy Princess Corporation. Suprisingly, everything works out in the end.
    Original Airdate: August 4th, 2002
  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Paula burns down her kitchen, but McGuirk is there to help. Paula's parents are getting a divorce. Jason's parents are fine, but Jason fakes a divorce in order to fit in.
    Original Airdate: August 11th, 2002
  • Bad Influences - Brendon & Jason gain a few pounds and quickly realize they are Fat Enablers. Paula starts going to the gym. McGuirk & Lynch go with Nurse Kirkman & her friend in a "group outing".
    Original Airdate: August 18th, 2002
  • Sensitivity - After making fun of Junior Addleburg, Brendon & several others (including McGuirk) are forced to go to Lynch's sensitivity seminar, "Improving Your Life Through Improv". Meanwhile, Paula enters a video contest with one of Brendon's videos.
    Original Airdate: August 25th, 2002
  • Four's Company - Brendon feels threatened by Melissa's new boyfriend Octavio. McGuirk tries to set up a dinner between him, Lynch, Erik and Paula.
    Original Airdate: October 6th, 2002
  • Renaissance - The Renaissance Fair is in town! Jason seems more into Sci-Fi, Melissa seems more into medieval history, Lynch tries to keep the fair running smoothly, McGuirk is hungover, Dwayne is performing, Fenton fights for the Sci Fi people, Walter & Perry are trapped under apples and Brendon really doesn't care about anything besides his performance.
    Original Airdate: October 13th, 2002
  • My Cheatin' Heart - Brendon takes up golf at Andrew's request. He quickly discovers he sucks and asks for McGuirk's help. Meanwhile, Jason & Melissa aren't too happy about Brendon's newest movie project which is backwards.
    Original Airdate: October 20th, 2002
  • Guitarmageddon - Brendon, Jason and Melissa start a band despite their lack of musical talent. Dwayne enters a guitar contest to defeat his arch-enemy Jimmy Monet.
    Original Airdate: October 27th, 2002
  • Storm Warning - Brendon wants to make a mockumentary; Jason wants to make a mockumentary of a mockumentary; Melissa wants to make Movie History. Paula wants to show her book to an agent. McGuirk wants Paula to come with him to the airport to impress his sister. Walter & Perry want to save the big elm tree. A storm comes along and changes everything.
    Original Airdate: November 3rd, 2002
  • Time To Pay The Price - Brendon, Jason and Melissa are forced to go to "Scared Straight" at the local prison with disciplinarian Mr. Pendlehurst. Paula finds a similarity between each of Brendon's films.
    Original Airdate: November 10th, 2002
  • Broken Dreams - Melissa breaks her arm, then Jason mysteriously breaks his. Brendon is trying to prepare for an upcoming science test. McGuirk becomes a lifeguard.
    Original Airdate: November 17th, 2002
  • Stow A Way - Brendon, Jason and Melissa decide to run away to Europe. McGuirk asks financial expert Tom Wilsonberg for advice on how to quickly make $3000 for car repairs. Tom's response: Gamble.
    Original Airdate: November 24th, 2002
  • Coffins and Cradles - It's Halloween! Brendon runs into trouble when his idea for a costume is stolen, Linda is pregnant, Jason is running into old addictions and McGuirk runs into an old friend.
    Original Airdate: May 25th, 2003

Season Four

  • Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion - Brendon begins writing reviews for a movie website called movie-winner-or-weiner.com. Jason and Melissa are excited because Brendon gets passes for all of them to see the premiere of "All That Violence". Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk wreaks havoc because he's finally got a friend "on the inside".
  • The Heart Smashers - Brendon breaks up with Fenton; Paula breaks up with her new boyfriend; McGuirk's chest breaks.
    Original Airdate: January 25th, 2004
  • The Wizard's Baker - Brendon attempts to regain his childhood; Jason and Melissa attempt to get investors for their latest movie project; McGuirk attempts to get his money back on a badly thought out recent purchase.
    Original Airdate: February 8th, 2004
  • Psycho-Delicate - Brendon attempts to get into a film festival, McGuirk has an interest in a waitress at a diner, and Paula's new hairstyle backfires. All 3 attempt to tip their way of the situation.
    Original Airdate: February 15th, 2004
  • Curses - Brendon gets in trouble for making a movie about a foul-mouthed robot. The neighborhood kids love it; the parents hate it, and Paula orders Brendon to reshoot and make a G-rated version. Meanwhile, Melissa gets jealous when her dad, Erik, wants to date a woman from his journal writing class.
    Original Airdate: February 22nd, 2004
  • Honkey Magoo - Life turns upside-down for Brendon, Jason and Melissa when they find a lost puppy, which Brendon names Honkey Magoo. The hyper puppy quickly runs out of friends after wrecking Paula's house, ruining the kids' movie, chasing off Mr. Lynch's cats and turning Jason's new parakeet against him.
    Original Airdate: February 29th, 2004
  • Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me - Jason's newest love interest, a 5th grader named Penny, is having trouble moving past the 'stalking' phase. Brendon gets caught cheating on one of Lynch's exam by Walter, Perry and Junior. McGuirk goes to traffic school after getting (another) ticket.
    Original Airdate: March 7th, 2004
  • Cho and the Adventures of Amy Lee - Brendon's newest and most accidental goal ruins the record of opposing team's star goalie, Cho. Cho moves in for revenge. And Cho's team's choice of game music ends up causing McGuirk to remember his childhood.
    Original Airdate: March 14th, 2004
  • Camp - Brendon, Jason and Melissa attend Camp Campingston Falls for the summer, where they are met by incredible heat and even worse counselors. Meanwhile, McGuirk's camping trip with the group for men The Crywalkers ends up being different than he originally planned.
    Original Airdate: January 11th, 2004
  • Bye Bye Greasy - Brendon directs the school play. Hilarity ensues.
    Original Airdate: January 18th, 2004
  • Definite Possible Murder - Laid up with a leg injury, Brendon spies on his new neighbor, Raymond Burley, a man who might possibly be involved in some questionably suspicious behavior. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk reads an important pamphlet and decides to attend artending school.
    Original Airdate: March 21st, 2004
  • Temporary Blindness - Brendon, Jason and Melissa are assigned a family tree project in school. The assignment brings upi ssues that none of the kids feel like dealing with, namely - their families. Meanwhile Coach McGuirk gets laser eye surgery to correct his vision, and becomes an occasionally blind possible prophet.
    Original Airdate: March 28th, 2004
  • Focus Grill - The kids test their latest film in front of a rather hostile focus group. Meanwhile Coach McGuirk helps Paula pick out and assemble an extremely large grill for the Small family.
    Original Airdate: April 4th, 2004