8-3-04: Oh, I probably should've mentioned O'Grady is on Noggin/The-N/NickSideNetwork#443. So watch it there; it replays a lot apparently. New episodes however air Fridays at 9:00 PM.

PS Random Brendon interview: http://www.pmpnetwork.com/live-ram13/brandon-small.ram

8-24-04: Some DVD extra news! From Brendon's blog itself:

We just finished the special features for the Home Movies Season 1 DVD!

We recorded a lot of commentary tracks, and i think they turned out pretty funny. Also there will be on camera interviews myself, Jon Benjamen (JAson, McGuirk) and co coreator Loren Bouchard- I also included some of my own actual Home Movies that I've been working on recently that I think you'll enjoy including a fake guitar instructional video called the "Thor Von Clemson Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class" Also I included a fantastic "Horse Documentary" That I think you'll find rather interesting (you'lll know what I mean when you get the DVD. . .)

But as a gigntic DVD connisuer (sp?) I only like the DVD's with really good special features and I feel very good about what we've been working on for this. Also you should know that season two isn't too far off from being released. And if the sales are good we'll be able to get to season 3 and 4 all the faster.

8-31-04: Apparently Home Movies got an odd mention in the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly (I didn't see it myself, only heard about it); it was mentioned as being "In", while Family Guy was "Five Minutes Ago" and Futurama was "Out". If only the ratings backed this up...

Also, for those who don't feel like keeping up with DVD sites, the DVD page has been updated with all the info involving the upcoming release; including cover art and known extras.