8-05-03: =( : Home Movies is off of weeknights. Whether this is due to low ratings, an order, or wanting of Futurama level ratings I'm really not sure. It will stay on, but now only on Sundays.


8-15-03: Update?: Sorry for the lack of updating..not a lot of news or anything. =\

I updated the schedule til September, so...that's about it. A few minor updates, nothing work mentioning much. I added a cool new thing: Home Movies Mac Desktop Icons! =D Download them here now, and I'll probably put them in the HM Art section (not the best fit, but it still works =\ ). I also don't have a Mac, so I have no idea whether they're good or not.

8-18-03: Mein Apologies: Damnit, I messed up the schedule again. HM will return next week. NEXT WEEK. I'M SURE OF IT! NO DOUBTS THIS TIME! I'M SERIOUS! O_O

8-21-03: They Might Be Giants: Rock group They Might Be Giants have announced they will be appearing on a season 4 episode of Home Movies:

Through their e-mail newsletter, musical group They Might Be Giants revealed today that last week they spent time working on an upcoming episode of Adult Swim's Home Movies. Their voices will be used for multiple characters in the episode and they contributed songs as well.

Known details include the episode taking place at a performing arts camp where the band voices junior camp counselors. Also, they will be turning one of the show's spontaneously generated songs into a real one titled "Taste of Fame."

They Might Be Giants has been together for over twenty years and their latest original full length album, Mink Car, was released in 2001. Home Movies will soon return to Adult Swim Sundays at 12:30 AM Eastern. The fourth season of Home Movies will begin this Fall.

Source: Toonzone

8-25-03: Clips: A clip from a season 4 episode of HM is now availible at adultswim.com, as well as the transcript from Brendon Small (as well as other Adult Swim personalities) panel at Comic Con. See the video here and the transcript here