Articles on Home Movies

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Articles from the UPN Days

Christian Science Monitor - Basic UPN Days interview. A couple of interesting things.
Weekly Wire - Nice article; one of the few people who liked HM back in the UPN days - Article from a guy who doesn't like the show. Fair appraisal.
Variety - Quick article from Variety magazine

Adult Swim Days


Animation World Magazine - Neat little informative article; put out inbetween the UPN run and the Adult Swim run. Couldn't help but notice they marked Melissa as baby Josie. -_-
Partial Observer - Opinion article; the show is "worth seeing". Eh, good enough.
Garden City High School Sugar Beet - For all of you wondering: Yes, the guy who does the reviews for Garden City High School's newspaper does indeed like Home Movies. Phew... (.pdf Format)

General Adult Swim Articles

Austin Chronicle - General Adult Swim review with section on Home Movies. Nothing special.
The Trades - Yep...nothing special, again.


TeeVee Awards 2002 - Home Movies won for "Best Animated Series" at the TeeVee website's awards
TeeVee Awards 2004 - And they continued their fandom here.
Bay Animation Awards - Home Movies won for "Best TV Series for Adolescents or Adults" at this festival. Click here for a translated (from Italian, not perfectly) version.


UNSAT - Spanish Article. Click here for a translated (not perfectly translated) page


Morphizm - Another fine article, including talk of the improv process, and even a mention of the possibility of a Home Movies movie.
Bullz-Eye - Another good interview.


A Guide To Art - Brendon Small wrote this funny little piece for Another regular of that site is Nurse Kirkman and Cynthia herself, Jennifer Kirkman.

DVD Reviews

DVDVerdict - I enjoy the reviews of these guys, Home Movies or not. They seem to be geunine fans of the show as well.
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IGN - Season 3 DVD review. South Park ripoff? I mean...that's just confusing, really.