4-01-03: It Was Supposed To Be Funny: Some of you probably couldn't access this site yesterday (well, the majority that use the www.starboy.tk redirection). Unfortunately, everyone missed my April Fools joke. So, if you want to see it, go here. It's kind of funny...

4-02-03: Coffins and Cradles: The Home Movies hiatus, which starts April 20th, will now only last until May 25th, when HM regains its classic spot opening ASC Sundays (no more weekday showings as of then, either). Also on May 25th, we will finally see the Season Three Finale "Coffins and Cradles" (plot summary availible on that link). I updated the poll to a new Scab related question. Also, Spectre tells me his "Mortgages & Marbles" site is, in fact, not dying. Didn't see that one coming.... ;-)

In a big site announcement, a forum is now open. I'll get it a better link when/if Gogeta finishes my new design: For now, click here. It's a joint operation between this site, Mortgages and Marbles, and the Slapstick Barbarian Project.

Later: Ugh...site went down again. I've done an inventory and gotten rid of the some of the bigger "bandwidth eaters"...no more pictures on the schedule page, the character picture pages will now be hosted on Angelfire, just a link to the sketch instead of the actual picture, resizing of the Guitarmageddon pictures. Hopefully this should reduce the bandwidth by a good enough amount...If I still get problems, I'll move the pictures per episode capsule down one each...sorry, but I gotta keep the site up. :(

4-03-03: Director's Cut: I'll be doing some revisions on my capsules...looking at some of my Random Observations, some seem like filler. So I'll be dividing that into "Cool Observations & Facts" and "Stupid Observations & Facts". Examples:

Cool: All of Brendon's films have a scene dedicated to his father.
Stupid: The name of Jason's country club (according to the sign) is "Country Club".

I might do some other things, too. Since I have no homework tonight (for once), I'll do a lot today. Also, thanks to Moltrez for giving me a couple of cool new observations. Also, thanks to Matt Kolosky for correcting a "Director's Cut" lyrical mistake.

4-06-03: Writer's Block: In case some of you couldn't reach the site through the dot.tk redirection, it because the site was hacked. Hopefully it is working by now. In case this happens again, you can save this url if you wish to visit the site, the root site to which dot.tk redirects: http://www11.brinkster.com/fentonsnakedmom/StarboyFrontPage.html

I got two more "roles of a character" pages up; McGuirk's and Paula's. In order to save bandwidth, while the main characters profiles remain here, any "Roles of a character" pages will now be on the old angelfire site. (Click on the pages to see what I mean). I will be getting around to everyone, but knowing me it may take awhile.

4-07-03: Brendon Gets Ratings: Home Movies made the Cartoon Network Top 150 telecasts back in February (the ratings were just released today). On the list:

#104 - "Therapy" - 1.5/3

Yes, only one episode...and yes, #104...yes, it seems like that isn't good...but trust me on this one, it is good news.

And also, I'm going to stop naming the updates after episodes and instead make really puns based on episode names, such as this one.

4-08-03: The (Potential) Art of the Sucker Punch: Few things: StrangerAtaru made a review for "Mortgages and Marbles", "Guitarmageddon" has some minor updates (so minor I'm not even going to mention what it is). Also, Coach McGuirk is in the latest Delaney Poll on Toonzone, so if you have a TZ Account I'd encourage you to show your Home Movies support and get McGuirk a sketch (this is the same thing as the Brendon Sketch located on my site). If you want to vote/see the poll, go here.

4-10-03: Business & Pleasure: I'm now officially on Easter Break for 2 weeks, so expect some cools updates with any luck (starting with a bigger update tommorow). Included in this new update will be an entirely new design care of Adult Swim & Beyond webmaster and overall nice guy Gogeta. Expect by somewhere between Saturday and Monday. For now, I added some cool stuff I got in e-mails and reviews:
New Reviews by TheCondimentKing
Cool eye chart thing in Politics thanks to StrangerAtaru
A couple of big observations from Karinsky on Renaissance
One Neat Observation from Ulan Shad on Identifying a Body

Also (should've mentioned this earlier), the petition is back up on Gina's site. Go here to find out how to sign a Bring Home Movies to DVD Petition. As for the McGuirk Delaney Campaign I mentioned earlier...well, we're not gonna get another HM sketch from Mr. Delaney anytime soon. :-(

4-11-03: Director's Transcript: Um, what I meant by big update today was...big update tommorow. However I did get one thing done (if you check the archives, this was one of my original goals in the site); I finally got up a transcript. As with most things, I started with the classic "Director's Cut" (transcript links will be right under the episode titles from now on) as a sort of 'template' to how I would do them from now on. Some other people are offering to do transcripts (I'll mention them as the transcripts are put up), so expect more in the future. And the new design is in fact ready, I just have to put it up.

4-12-03: Renaissance: I'll be updating more later...for now, enjoy a "Politics" transcript (done by HomeMoviesFan).

Time To Pick The Design

Alright, Gogeta has officially finished his design. However, the reactionary part of me wants to keep this old design. So, I'm starting a poll for this week. Vote either for the New Starboy Design or the Original Starboy Design. Pages are located here:

New Starboy Design

Original Starboy Design (Note: This is the one I currently have, if you didn't figure that out.)

The poll will go on all week (unless of course its another Asuka vs. McGuirk and one is supremely dominating the other). P.S. The SCAB poll has been moved to the Past Poll section, currently located under "Show"

P.S. If you are not voting for the New Design based on the annoying vertical line towards the right (this applies to 1024 resolution people), Gogeta is "working on it". Feel free to withhold your vote. And the New Design's buttons aren't supposed to be working yet. It also should be noted, however, that the New Starboy Design is a larger design, and therefore might lead to bandwidth overconsumption and longer loading times. Bah! Just make your choice already!

Which design should Starboy.tk go with?
New Starboy Design
Original Starboy Design

4-17-03: There Was Supposed To Be A Winner: Wow...this poll is nearly 50-50 so far. Alright, I'm thinking this: I wanted a new design so that I could get new options for the menu (all of which can be seen in the New Starboy Design). However in the process the design might've become...too complex for this site. I just want something simple, like I have now...so I've asked the original designer, Superloud, to sort of 'update' the current design to include the new options. At the moment, he's in the Virgin Islands, but when he gets back he said he'd do it for me. Also, I'm not putting down Gogeta, it just wasn't the right design for this site (and I realized the potential bandwidth issues could mess a lot of stuff up). However for now I'll leave the poll up at the bottom.

Alright, in show news, I checked the Cartoon Network schedule and they had "Politics" listed for June 1st...therefore, expect a rerunning of Season 2 and some of Season 3 before they get to the new episodes in Fall (unless of course the schedule changes, which very well might happen). The HM hiatus starts today and will end when "Coffins and Cradles" comes on May 25th. Home Movies has also been nominated for two awards:

1. Bay Animated TV Festival: Best Animated Series for Teens and Adults
2. 2003 Annecy International Animated Film Festival: Best TV Series

I can't find an official site for these as of now, but good luck.

Site Updates: "Writer's Block" transcript is up; I've been working on the character pages (adding "Episodes" and "Voice Actor" to the profile as well). A new rant is up, Moltrez has added to several capsules, H A N has offered to do some new stuff for the capsules, as well, several new rants are being worked on, Condiment King has some new reviews up and there's probably some stuff I'm forgetting.

Hope this made up for the recent lack of front page updates.

4-21-03: The Party: Happy Easter everyone! New rants are up, a couple of new observations and the like, and I'm working on those characters pages (someday...someday).

Cool new feature today: TheJazzFighter (who has contributed in the past under the name "H A N") has added something new to the episode capsules: Plot Connections; which (as you probably guessed) show how all the plots within an episode are connected (and often times relate to the name of the episode). While some ("The Party") are fairly obvious, others ("Hiatus") are kind of interesting. Thanks to TheJazzFighter for this new addition!

Also, StrangerAtaru is working on a fan fiction. I've seen the beginning, and unlike most fan fictions, its good.

4-22-03: Impressions: Put up a new poll: "What was the best ending of an HM episode?" The character section now has voice actors and episode appearances, as well. Also, my decidedly-fanboyish rantings were able to make the Home Movies show at Jump The Shark.

4-25-03: My Workin' Heart: Whew...fixed a lot of really small problems today...first off, the "Contact" button is finally accessible (not that anyone will click it), I changed my name from "DrWeird" to "The Landstander" on all the capsules (which I should've done long ago), I added some new reviews, I fixed any problems with pictures (if I missed something, please E-Mail me), I finished the "Roles of" pages for all the major characters (and I am working on the Minor and One-Timers), and....some other stuff, too. Also, I put a big message about the current hiatus in the "Sticky News" section...hopefully people will notice and not email me about it. ;-)

A fan fiction by StrangerAtaru will be coming one of these days. Trust me, it's good.

And don't forget to vote in my awesome poll, located beneath this.