4-01-04: Didn't bother with an April Fool's joke this year. You can check out the forums if you hurry, though.

First off, for those desperate to try and get HM uncancelled somehow, you now have a place to send your snail mail:

Cartoon Network Programming
1050 Techwood Drive
Atlanta, GA 30318

Keep in mind this is a long shot at best, but its still worth a shot I suppose. However, if you write a letter, keep in mind well worded and persuasive letters are a lot better than grammatically terrible death threats. =P

Anyways, the two capsules for "Definite Possible Murder" and "Temporary Blindness" are up.

In show news, a cool update from brendonsmall.com showed up yesterday. You can read for yourself, but the jist of it: Brendon and Loren REALLY want to get the DVD project off the ground, as well as the CD. They're just running into issues with getting their project off the ground, sadly. =\

A reminder that next Sunday is THE LAST EPISODE OF HOME MOVIES. Miss it and I will hunt you down and kill you myself.

Finally, new clip of the week, from last week's awesome episode: The Timmy Rock Opera. =D

4-03-04: The Timmy Rock Opera should actually work now.

4-04-04: The last episode of Home Movies is TONIGHT, folks. Enjoy it. =(

Also, people have been asking for chords from the show for awhile now, and I finally have some! Check out the tabs to the Timmy rock opera from "Temporary Blindness" or the King Arthur vs. Robin Trilogy from "Renaissance" (go under "Songs" in each section). Thanks to Bethany for doing these (although if anyone else would send in some, I certainly wouldn't mind).

4-05-04: Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks! The most underrated show on TV had its 52nd and final episode last night. Except a capsule quickly...but in the meantime, enjoy my little interpretation of the (excellent) final episode.

Also, new tabs for "Camp".

4-06-04: If you're really desperate and have too much time on your hands, feel free to send a letter to the folks at CN about HM [don't worry, a generic letter has already been written].

4-07-04: So much for reruns.

The most recent info on upcoming Adult Swim schedules does not have Home Movies as part of the lineup. In its place? The Ripping Friends.

So, hope you taped the last season.

4-08-04: Capsule for the finale, "Focus Grill", is up, complete with some interpretations (and possibly more to come).

Only episode left is "The Heart Smashers", which I haven't done most likely due to the fact I consider it the worst episode of season 4.

Later: New interpretation added. Woo.

4-10-04: Thanks to HomeMoviesFan, a transcript of the final episode is availible.

4-13-04: Ratings for the last episode = Nearly 450,000 viewers. Not bad, but not amazing. Also, it was beaten by an Aqua Teen Hunger Force repeat, so =P.

4-14-04: 3 months later, "The Heart Smashers" is up.

Also, Loren Bouchard and H. Jon Benjamin radio interview. =D

Also, I added pictures for the Lawn Gnomes in season 4 because I got bored.

4-15-04: As I put the finishing touches on this website =(, the Characters section as well as the Show History have been updated to include season four.

A new episode transcript is up, too; this time we have the trasncript to "Dad". (thanks to Johnny Lamarzi)

Also, a little piece of writing which sums up quite well why so many have enjoyed Home Movies.

4-21-04: I feel as thought I've posted this before...email I got:

My name is Tom Hicks, I produce a comedy show in Los Angeles that Brendon Small will be performing at Sunday, May 2. The show is free, and will feature Mary Lynn Rajskub, who has also performed
on Home Movies. Sunday, May 2, and anyone interested can check out www.comedysunday.com.

Tom Hicks

LA fans should go. C'mon, you've got nothing better to do.